Information on a free resume creating online tool – Resumesimo.

Resumesimo is a fantastic online resume builder ( that will help you create eye-catching resumes for free. A problem many job applicants have is writing their resumes in a way that will get the attention of hiring mangers. Hiring manages may glance at hundreds of resumes that do not get their attention because they are poorly written or are not designed well. Applicants only get 30 seconds to impress hiring managers with their resumes. It is important to make those 30 seconds count. Resumesimo takes care of this issue with an easy to use online platform. It generally takes 10 minutes or less to choose any one of their attention grabbing templates and fill in your professional information. Resumes don’t have to look boring and if you want to stand out from everyone else, it is important that your resume gets the attention of human retargets.

Resumesimo is a new company that started in 2011. They are based in Prague and initially developed the Resumesimo platform for personal use. With so many people needing help with writing and designing appealing looking resumes, the idea to share Resumesimo with others was greatly received by struggling job applicants. Everyone wants a resume that makes them stand out from all of the other applicants applying for the same position. With Resumesimo job hunters are able to quickly and easily make themselves more marketable and increase their chances of getting interviews.

How to find a job – from Resumesimo on Vimeo.

Resumesimo has 20 templates to choose from. Each template is individual and unique. Any of these templates will look more visually appealing than what most applicants typically submit for jobs. Some of the templates are more contemporary while others are more conservative. Resumesimo has enough options for professionals to make the best design selection for their industry.

Once you’ve chosen a template, it is time to fill in the appropriate information. Resume saves you time by allowing you to enter professional data in pre-arranged fields such as employment history and education. Simply paste this information in from a pre-existing resume or import it from your social networking accounts. Linkedin and Facebook are two great social networking services users can import their professional histories from. You can edit and make any additions or changes during this time as well. Once your resume is created Resumesimo will create a PDF copy, standard black and white copy, online business card, and a helpful ebook titled “How to Outwit a New Job.” All of this is provided to users free of charge!

Resume writing can be very challenging for job applicants. Rsumesimo makes resume writing quick and easy. By using Resumesimo’s amazing templates your resume will look better and get the attention it deserves. Effective resumes are the first step to getting job interviews because they introduce you to perspective employers. If your resume does not stand out you may be missing out on opportunities that you are qualified for.

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