My eBook: Buddy Checklist for the Mommy Entrepreneur may be the one for you.

Who is this book for?

  • Mommies who want to be entrepreneurs
  • Mommies who are entrepreneurs and want to learn more about life-work balance and how to best magnify success in their new careers / entrepreneurship
  • Women who contemplate / dream about starting their own business after motherhood
  • For someone who is not a mommy and a female, but interested in starting his own business, the tips and advice in this eBook are for you as well
  • Family and friends who wish to understand the mommy entrepreneur

What is the book about?

This book is for the entrepreneurs in us. It aspires to be a handy companion to the mommy entrepreneur who has to struggle more than her male counterpart to efficiently manage her “home enterprise” and her business enterprise, guilt-free and with good balance.
Why would you need it?On the long and at times rough road to entrepreneurship, it always pays to have a friend or a guide. This eBook aims to be one, your companion checklist inspiring and motivating you to keep going on even when the going gets tough. Read it, add your points to the checklist and feel proud of your achievements as you go from one milestone to another.

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