I have this firm belief, no matter how old we are, having a mentor, a trusted teacher or partner in our lives can help us in clarifying our path, our lives.

When you talk to someone at your wavelength or understanding, it is not a mere exchange of ideas, it is expanding your horizons. Maybe going somewhere you never thought was possible.

Most certainly, I believe in having God as a constant partner too. “Practice believing that God is as real and actual as your wife, or your business partner, or your closest friend. Practice talking matters over with him; believe that He hears and gives thoughts to your problems. Assume that He impresses upon your mind through consciousness the proper ideas and insights necessary to solve your problems. Definitely believe that in these solutions there will be no error, but you will be guided to actions according to truth which results in right outcomes.” (Norman Vincent Peale)

Couple your faith and discussions that you have with God with a mentor or a trusted wise partner and that, I believe, can give infallible solutions to your questions and problems.

So what are you waiting for? We only have a handful of time in this world; let’s make the best use of it. If you need help or some direction, don’t wait, time is too precious to let go. Do your best efforts to find the right person, a mentor, a teacher, a coach to guide you to make your dreams a reality.