A Mother Re-entering the Workforce after being home for a few yearsCareer Discovery is often the first step

Often women wonder whether the previous long-time before work experience or even the degrees that they hold still hold well in todays ever changing work scenario. It is a valid concern afterall. When reentering the workfoce take time to analyze your current skills and also a change in priorities might mean you would like to do something different than what you have done before.
A career change could be an option now, but be prepared for some meticulous planning and hard work to be a part of the workforce soon. So now the question arises — what would be my new career?
Some tips here:

  • Prepare for a career discovery process. A career coach or a counselor might help you towards identifying your true passion and assist you towards finding a career that suits your present needs the best. Else, researching on your own and reading career books and articles might offer some inspiration.
  • Research and ask your friends/spouse for the available courses/certification or training that might make you ready for the new career move. Get ready to learn or acquire the new skills you might need in this new field.
  • You might need to get some further education, certifications or training. The additional confidence these give will take you over the humps of doubt immediately and lead you to a quick start.
  • Tailor your resume such that the gap in your work experience is not that evident. A functional resume is the best option to go for rather than a chronological one. Highlight your skills and abilities to as close to the job description as possible, dates and years are not of concern here.

In finding the career that you are passionate about now, the best advice I can give you is to follow your heart but always consult the mind, when the two go in tandem success and contentment follow. List some of the activities that you have enjoyed over the past years and/or the volunteer opportunities that you were engaged in because of a passion – often these activities could help you frame an idea on what your next career could be. Think about it.

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An Excerpt from the eBook
Tip 2 — Power Networking

Did you know that in many companies in various business sectors, around 85 percent of the jobs are filled in by networking alone?

Not just networking but networking smartly will help you in the long and short run. What some statistics show (as above), your best bet would be to contact your friends, family and send them your resume and also ask them how they could help you in improving upon the resume to match suit the company needs. When emailing friends do ask them if they can provide emails or contact information of their acquaintances who are in similar fields in which you are interested.

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  • Negotiating during an Interview
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