The career and family management concepts for the generation X are different from the baby boomers – as would be expected with any generation. The baby boomers had to struggle with work-life balance issues, now the shift is more towards life-work balance. True enough, for me and many of my friends around the world, the struggle is how best to manage family / motherhood and work. Talking about balance and contentment, most certainly, family precedes work for most of us.
Quoting Jamie Malernee in the article Twenty Something… “Following the philosophy of “do it all, just not at once,” more women—and a small but growing number of men—are becoming stay-at-home parents while their children are young. Those who can’t afford such an option or don’t want to give up their careers are rebelling against traditional work schedules.
Instead, young parents are demanding flexible hours, alternative shifts or work-from-home arrangements, even if getting them means they have to switch careers, take pay cuts or start their own companies

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