In recent years, there are still discussions going on about men and women in the workforce and the lack of equality. With social media and celebrities speaking out about it, it is clear that the gender pay gap is going to be a topic of conversation for years to come, unless something is done about it at the top level. But it can be a good sign that these conversations are still being had; surely it goes to show that more women are taking on roles in the previously male-dominated careers or industries. However, as with anything, there are still plenty of careers and industries that are still very male-lead. For whatever reason, women just aren’t applying for or getting jobs in these industries. So if you’re looking to make waves, then these could be some of the industries that you need to be looking at.




One of the most common industries where women are lacking is in the construction industry. Whether it is for building new homes, extensions, highways, or bridges, the chances of seeing a woman out on the force is pretty slim. Could it be that it does not appeal to women or it doesn’t use their creative skills? Or possibly it has to do with the fact that it can be hard to break through the stereotypical male attitudes in that industry? If a man and woman both applied for the role as a construction worker, the male interview board are surely going to be more inclined to employ the man? It is a tricky area, as generally less women are applying for these roles. But if you as a woman are looking to get into an industry that is lead by males, then construction could be the one.




We can see plenty of female air stewards as we get on a plane. But how many women are there behind the scenes? When you hear the captain’s voice on a flight, it is male or female? It should be either, as captain is a pretty gender-neutral term. But there is a serious lack of female pilots. How many women are there in the aviation offices and in air-traffic control? It is hard to pinpoint the reason exactly why this is an issue, but it certainly is. It can be a lucrative and enjoyable industry to work in, though, with travel around the world included. So why are fewer women looking to apply for aviation schools than men? It is hard to say. However, if you’re a woman that wants to be a pilot or get into aviation, then now is going to be one of the best times to do so.




According to the stats, there is little chance of a man working in silicon valley finding a wife that also works in silicon valley, as only 11% of workers in the technology industry are female. But in other parts of the world and other technology industries, it is reported that around three percent of the workers in technology and information technology are female. But we all use computers and technology, especially in this digital age that we live in. So if you’re good with computers, then it could be a good career to get into.




Emergency Services


The number of the women that join the emergency services is rising, but it is nowhere near as fast as in similar industries. While women are likely to work as nurses or midwives, they are much less likely to choose to be a paramedic, police officer or firewoman (the latter being the worst case of a male-lead career in the emergency services). Restrictions on height have eased in recent years, making it easier for women to get a career in this industry, but it still seems like there is a long way to go to get more women in this career, let alone higher up in this industry.



We are seeing more and more women in politics, especially with the likes of some world leaders being female. So women in politics still being low may surprise you. But women are still outnumbered by men in this industry. Luckily, the good thing is that many parties are choosing to set female quotas to fill their party, so that they have a balance, which is a good thing going forward. There is still a string ‘old boys club’ feeling in politics, though, which can put many women, especially younger women, off. So while things in industries are changing, we still have quite a way to go.