hiringSo you are searching for the next opportunity, or ready for a career change. You have created a stunning CV, and ready to make applications online. Unfortunately, there are some employers out there that are less transparent than you would like them to be, and you could be wasting your time sending your portfolio, CV, and cover letter. To help you work smarter and not harder, we have created a list of things to look out for when browsing job listings.

Here are 5 ways how recruiters can mislead you:


OnePosting the Same Job Every Week

When you visit some of the popular job search sites, you will be given some basic information about the listing, including how long it has been online and how many applicants the company has. However, some companies, just to stay on the top of the listings, will post the same job every week. You might think that the job was posted yesterday and there are only five other applicants, however, in reality, there are hundreds.


twoNo Real Office Number

You want to vet your potential employers in order to be able to trust them with your future. If you cannot find their website, and they don’t have a landline number, the alarm bells should be ringing. It is simple to get a free phone number registered in just a few days. Just google Where to buy 0800 numbers and you can see that almost anyone can register one. It is important that you check that the company is legitimate before you make an effort.


threeAsking for Free Work

Some companies will ask you to go into the office or write a sample marketing material  – if you are in the advertising industry – before you are considered. No matter how much you want the job, you should not offer free work for everyone who is asking for it. You need to value your skills and expertise more than that. If a company is serious about evaluating your skills, they can pay for the samples.


Not Disclosing Exact Salary Range

There are also some listings that offer you an exciting new career opportunity, but give you little or no details on the hours you need to work and the basic salary. Be aware of the listings that say “upto”, as the

job is likely to be commission based only, without a basic salary, or a zero hour contract. Instead of sending your application, drop a line and ask for clarification.


Lack of Details on Qualifications and Skills Requirements

You want to know that you “fit the bill” before you make an effort and write your personal cover letter to the company. If they don’t disclose their requirements clearly, you cannot match your CV and application to their needs. Further, they will be able to find excuses why they don’t hire you, making up a qualification they need on the go.


Whenever you are searching for a new job online, make sure you check out the company and they seem transparent, easy to communicate with, and fair. Avoid wasting your time and effort, and focus on employers that help you make an informed decision.