Working for yourself is a lot of responsibility to take on. No job that has come before would have been quite so diverse and demanding. Yet we choose to become an entrepreneur to enjoy more freedom and better working hours! It takes experience and confidence to be able to start a business. If you feel you might need a little more edge to get you where you want to be, why not develop your skill set to succeed?


Digital Marketing

The most cost-effective way to market your business and products is still online. Setting up a website isn’t too tricky, but there are plenty of courses to help you tackle this essential role. You might choose to use an agency to help you set up advertising campaigns. This isn’t necessary though, with services from the search engines. You might examine different ways to achieve natural search rankings from your website copy as well.



Of course, one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign is sales. Speaking in front of people and persuading them is difficult. You might want to invest in the best sales training courses you can find. As a business owner, you should be able to talk positively about your product. Most importantly, you should know enough about your client to be able to talk at length about how your product will help solve their problems.


Public Speaking

An entrepreneur should be charismatic and able to hold the attention of an entire room. Of course, none of us is born with the skills to speak publicly in this way. We need training and guidance. Above all else, you need experience in public speaking. Grab any opportunity you can to speak to groups. You might hold a small seminar or offer a coaching session for a limited group of people. It’s important you remember to carry yourself well and project your voice.


The Story

Having a story helps you with your marketing, your sales, and your public speaking. It gives you something to say that can be engaging and relatable to your audience. These are often very well rehearsed. They’re never too long but should become the perfect segue into whatever it is you really want to talk about in the room. Stories are handy when you’re pitching, networking, or training your new team.


Know When To Say No

Entrepreneurs have to be quick thinkers. They often need to make critical decisions on the fly. But if you lack any certainty about the correct response, you need to have the confidence and security to say no. Strategic and critical thinking are skills that can be learned. But the word no is perhaps the hardest one to say when you’re tempted or attracted by an offer. Still, you have your business to think of. Learn to weigh up pros and cons, and to think outside the box.


If you’re ready to become your own boss, it might still be worth considering a few extra courses to bring you up to speed. You will have to tackle a lot of challenges over the coming months. Where are your weaknesses right now, and what can you do to overcome them?