Whether starting a new business or pivoting on an existing one, there comes a time in every businesses’ life when more is required of it. Whether it’s because of tougher competition, or because of a larger amount of clients which then requires you to expand your business to accommodate the larger user base, something always comes up on the long way up that corporate ladder. Now some people just hold themselves back by saying that they will do everything themselves, or in-house, without actually expanding that in-house or hiring more staff, which in itself is foolish. In order to work more efficiently and effectively, you need to either improve your technologies, workflow, or amount of employees. Not to mention, getting someone else onboard to help you. “So where do I start?” you might ask. Well, let’s go through a few areas which could be improved in just about every growing business across the board.


design team

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Get a proper design team

A wise man once said, “It does not matter how much something is worth, what matters is how much someone is willing to pay for it”. While that in itself might seem a tad scummy, it is in fact just appealing to the basic human nature. We just automatically like “nice” things, so by making things look appealing, people are automatically drawn to something they see, purely due to the aesthetic appeal of it. That’s when you need to realise that you need to get some professionals to take care of the appearance of your general company demeanour, your marketing and your advertising. Often, the functionality of the product, at least in the eyes of the consumer, is a secondary priority to its first glance appeal. If something is automatically attention-grabbing, eye-catching and just generally visually pleasing, there is a much bigger chance of it catching on. Just look at Apple and the iPhone, technologically speaking, they were often inferior to other smartphones on the market, but people still flooded their shops seeking to buy the newest i-device on day one. Same could be said for Macbooks, although most of the Macbook specifications are actually competitive compared to other laptops on the market, but the price tag is still out of this world compared to some. And yet, despite most people knowing all this, we still keep coming back to that Apple store, they must be doing something right.


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Get others to help

Of course, no matter how pretty your posters and products may be, without some proper substance to your company, it becomes pretty worthless. That’s where all the things you mostly have to care about come in, like hiring employees, managing employees, making the tough decisions, paperwork and taxes, arguably tedious tasks. Of course, as the business owner, you should be overseeing all of those yourself to an extent, but not one single person running a company can just split themselves into 2 and fully concentrate on everything simultaneously. This is the moment where you either start hiring people to work for you in-house to take care of your paperwork and your accounting or you can pay for HR interim services and whatnot from different companies entirely. While hiring locally definitely has its upsides, being able to get a different firm to fulfil various tasks or freelancers to help you with that singular one-off job that needed to get done, often proves invaluable.