The family and the world needs a healthy mother. With the working mother already stressed out with taking care of the family and work, she must do her best to find time to care for herself and maintaining a healthy diet all through the year. You very well know, mothers just cannot afford to get sick.

Breakfast on the Go
No time for breakfast? How about peeling / cutting a few oranges and a banana in the evening and making a quick orange, banana yogurt smoothie in the morning. Your vitamin C and Calcium on the go!

Are you getting a free lunch at the office or the canteen at the office keeps you well fed? Well-fed is one aspect and well-balanced lunch is another. For a working mother who hardly finds time in the morning to pack her kids lunch what would be the best and healthy lunch that she can take her herself at work? Morning rush – packing lunch – tough job but can be easy-smeezy if planned well – either the day before or even for the whole week.

Salad and More
How about a healthy salad with nuts as toppings which you can prepare and keep in the refrigerator in the night ready to go in the morning – the healthy greens and nuts give your body the great antioxidant vitamin E and the fiber you need to feel energetic the whole day. Add a couple of healthy whole wheat dinner rolls with low cal spread or dressing and you have a refreshing summer lunch to keep you going the whole day.

Hot Lunch Tips
Another quick recipe that can be done the evening before or a left over from the previous night or before – a hearty soup, vegan or not, can be extremely filling and healthy and keep you alert and full at your work day. Again, add a whole wheat bread or roll along and you have the required calories for the day.

Recipe Idea — Brown Rice Jambalaya

Benefits: Lots of fiber, low fat 
This is my personal favorite (my own recipe as well).
To be prepared the night before – or if you have 20 minutes in the morning can be ready as you get in the shower and get ready and this “jambalaya” would be waiting in the kitchen to be packed and enjoyed at lunch time.
— Preparation beforehand – prepare brown rice the night before
— In a pan add little oil and add cut frozen veggies and chopped celery (add chopped onions and green chillies if you like them)
— Add salt and pepper to taste
— Close the lid, turn to low heat or simmer and let the veggies get done while you take a shower and get dressed
— When done, add the pre-cooked brown rice to the pan and mix well – garnish with lime juice and other herbs of your choice
It is ready to be packed for a hot nourishing lunch at the office!

Recipe Idea — Stir Fry Noodles

Benefits: Easy to pack and eat, veggies make the recipe healthy
Get some veggies in your lunch routine. Simple stir fry noodles can be ready in as short time as 15 minutes. Prepare at night or if you can spare a few minutes before you get ready for work.
— Boil your favorite packet noodles (how about some healthy whole wheat noodles?)
— While your noodles are boiling, stir fry some frozen veggies in a skillet, season with some salt, pepper and herbs – if you have to the time. Add light soya sauce or any of your favorite sauce for more flavor.
— While your veggies were getting nice and crisp the noodles are nice and soft. Mix them together, add a few drops of lemon and pack your lunch!

Left-over Delight

Got some great left-overs? Wrap them with some greens in a whole wheat tortilla, a few sprinkles of your favorite dressing and spices and there you have a healthy burrito ready in 2-minutes.


Recipe Idea — Healthy Wrap

Tips: Cut some salad (few tomatoes, greens, cucumber etc.) in the night and keep them covered in the refrigerator. In the morning rush to pack lunch, prepare a wrap or a sandwich using the cut salad, your favorite spread, light cheese – garnish with salt and pepper, wrap it or keep in a sandwich box and you are ready to go. Add more zest and energy to your wrap or sandwich with your favorite add-on – slice a few portabella mushrooms the night before and quickly saute in light soya sauce. Use them all in your lunch today or store the rest in refrigerator to use it another day.

And don’t forget that important mid-afternoon snack – take with you a fruit or grab from the office pantry instead of getting attracted towards the few pieces of donuts or cake left at the office kitchen counter. A handful of nuts would do great too!

Please note: these are just suggestions, I am no expert nutritionist.

On Similar thoughts and ideas I found a post on thatsfit website.


Would you love to share your ideas on how you manage to snack and lunch healthy? Please add to the Comments, what are your tips for a healthy lunch for a busy working mother?