With the Millennial generation being the newcomers to the workplace, the 21st century is witnessing the coming together of these three generation at workplace. How different would it be working with different generations?

Should the new Generation @ Work be treated differently by the Employers?
A recent report cited that excessive workload and poor promotion policies at workplace are making the younger employees most dissatisfied. It says, “These days, the lowest levels of job satisfaction are among younger workers, the survey found. Only 39 percent of respondents aged 25 and younger said they liked their current jobs — the lowest level in the survey’s 20-year history — compared to 45 percent for workers between 45 and 54.”
What is reason for this dissatisfaction? Is it only amongst the younger age group workers or trickles down to the generation X and baby boomers? Interestingly, this report says, “By contrast, job-satisfaction levels are highest among older workers, with nearly half of all respondents between 55 and 64, and 65 and over, feeling satisfied by their employment situation.

The employers have to change and evolve with the demands and work requirements of the newcomers to the workforce to help increase their retention rate. The new generation at work seeks challenges and a place that encourages growth and experimentation. They are risk takers and would tend to move on fast if they do not see much value in their present work. They’ll be walking out of the door more often as has been seen before if they do not see value in their work or are being recognized enough, for sure employee retention would be a big problem in future that the present employers have to be proactive about.

The Millennial generation has to work in tandem with the generations Xers and the baby boomer generation, also with a diverse working environment that the present organizations have worldwide, the tolerant side of all working generations are to test. The new generation needs to be introduced to accept mentoring and information exchange with the generation Xers and baby boomers. Corporate career coaching and mentoring process can be beneficial in the short and long run in retaining the multi-faceted talent of the Millennials.

I feel so positive about this new generation Y at work, they will herald a new era of impressive tech and financial growth for all economies and since the present generation has begun on the tasks for healing our planet after all this damage done, also the new generation at work will have a major contribution towards creating and implementing ideas around the global issues concerning environment and alternative energy solutions.

What should the employers do to retain you (happily) at the workplace?


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