What does mom want on Mother’s Day?
As we approach the mother’s day, you could be wondering what your mother wants or how you can make her day by gifting her what she will truly cherish.
Material gifts apart, I am thinking about a list of for working mothers, giving her some of these could make her life easier everyday!

A working mother wants:

  • Flexible working hours so she can be home with kids and enjoy her life more by being part of their lives more than just truly getting involved with their activities on the weekends.
  • A working mother wants more parental leave. She is the one who has to take time off from work when a child is sick or for other family members, she would be much happier if the employers offered extra leaves when a child or a family member is sick.
  • She wants less stress in life. The multitasking and juggling family and work takes a serious toll on her day in and day out. She would do better with some support at household chores or having some house cleaning help. She wants your contribution and a helping hand at day to day activities.
  • Working mothers need a support group. She needs friends and family members who could help in picking up their kids from school in case she is in a meeting. She needs to talk about her problems and work related issues. She needs her spouse support which would enable her to work stress-free and manage her family responsibilities with ease.
  • She needs an occasional meaningful ‘thank you’ from spouse and family, or if and when you feel generous enough frequent acts of acknowledgement and praise are most welcome! Let her know that she matters a lot and is not someone taken for granted. A heartfelt acknowledgement and a hug will make her day for sure!

What else can you think of? What would you do to make your mom’s / spouses’ day?