From the past, the role of the woman in society has been centered with the household chores. A mother is expected to take the upper hand looking after the children while contributing to the betterment of the family. The rat race in which human beings are involved these days suggests, she cannot only assume the natural duties of the mother such as looking after her children, but also should contribute financially in order to fuel the two income family model. Failure to do so may tighten up the economy of the family and might mean they have to live with hardships. However, performing this dual role, over-burdened with work, seems to take the spice of the lives of modern day moms.

So why not consider the alternative of working at home? May be moms and work at home jobs can make the perfect fit. Let’s examine why.
Consider the typical case of a mother who gave birth to a child recently and has to go back to work. As moms we have to face the emotional challenge that goes with such a decision. You may have had a successful career but can you sacrifice the quality time you can spend with your child for that. As a mother your heart is against it. However the figures should also add up at the end of the month. Further if you are over-burdened with loans, you may have no other option. But isn’t there any other way?
Then think about another case, a full time stay at home mom with relatively older children. She has ample free-time which she can utilize to earn something to ease the pressure of her spouse. At least this will allow her some degree of independence being not entirely dependent on her husband. Further this may allow her to get rid of the routine chores of her day and engage in something she likes, sometimes as a pastime such as writing, and still get paid for it. However wouldn’t it add more value and flexibility if she’s enabled to do that at home?
On the other hand job security is a thing of past today with thousands of layoffs and downsizing programs being exercised on a daily basis. The statistics will show you, women are the worst hit category. So any income generating activity you can engage at home is highly valued in today’s context. Many people ask this question. May be you also have already thought about it. The question is “can you earn the same amount staying at home?” The answer is two fold. It is yes and no. While we agree on the possibility of getting similar financial rewards, we should also acknowledge the fact that it is not achievable overnight. In other words you’ll not get the same income from the very fist day you start working at home. May be you will get very limited income as you start up. But believe that it’ll gradually increase.
We are sure now you have understood why women and work at home jobs makes the perfect fit.
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