You’ve heard the expression ‘happy mother, happy baby’. The corporate world has it’s own version of this mantra: ‘Happy employee, happy company’.  Corporate team building through group activities and games is catching on with most companies for employee engagement and to strengthen team problem-solving dynamics. Not only does it add some fun and excitement to a daily cubicle routine but it might be an essential engagement tool for the younger generation employees who are already heavily ‘gamified’ outside of their work-life.

Why not bring the games in the office to improve team synergy while promoting learning through fun?

Games and activities can be planned with a goal in mind – whether to improve group dynamics, to increase employee motivation, present challenges or encourage creative thinking.

Team building activities don’t have to be stuck-in-a-long meeting program. Thankfully, there are now companies such as Out Of The Square Experience offering positive solutions to entrenched workplace discord. Employing a variety of fun, challenging, and rewarding team building exercises, these companies focus on building up employees self esteem and confidence rather than tearing it down and then waiting expectantly for a change in direction.

Activities run the gamut from ‘Survivor’ type challenges to more sedate activities like painting. Each activity is designed to work on a number of different areas relevant to workplace relations, such as communication, decision-making, problem solving, and leadership.

Corporate team building is not solely for companies with troubled employee relations, either. Everyone benefits and learns from these types of activities and games- hidden talents and weaknesses may be revealed, presenting the perfect opportunity to gauge which aspects of the workplace might benefit from a shakeup.

Let’s take a look at just one of the activities and games you might consider for your company. You’ll be surprised at how far removed from the dry old days of conference team building these exercises are.

It’s not old school anymore – the games are ‘real’!

‘Paparazzi’ is an activity which entails you and your team becoming a member of the Paparazzi for the day. Participants are asked to photograph ‘celebrities’, locations, and other team members. Teams are provided with a camera and assignment, containing a series of cryptic clues and tasks. The tasks are all rewarded with a certain number of points (money) and must then decide which photos and tasks to complete in order to be the team with the most lucre by the end of the day!

After team briefing, teams will be given their camera and assignment with a series of cryptic clues and tasks that they will have to complete. Each photo and task will attract a certain number of dollars (points) at the end of the event. The team then has to decide which photos and tasks to complete within the allocated timeframe to make the most money from their day’s work. Visible team involvement in the activities and photographs are encouraged, which may also involve members of the general public! This activity is not only fantastically fun and engaging, it promotes creativity, team building, strategizing, and strengthens communication- all the essentials!


How are you using games and activities at your workplace? What has been the experience so far?

Infographic via Gamifying Consumer and Team Engagement