is an all-in-one job search platform that cuts the time to apply in half. It helps job seekers showcase their skills and talents, search for jobs across the Web, and track and organize all job search communications.

But what makes Careerleaf different than other job search tools? Here are some features:

  • Discover Communities and Niche Job Boards: Access millions of jobs from a growing number of niche, regional, and general job boards, all from one site.
  • Careerleaf Tracklet: A virtual assistant for your job search, the Tracklet cuts your time to apply in half by making it easy to drag, drop, track, and apply to jobs found anywhere on the Web. The Tracklet also helps you fulfill the weekly work search requirements for maintaining your unemployment benefits eligibility.
  • Showcase Yourself: Build one recruiter-friendly profile to showcase yourself to employers just about everywhere — your cover letter and resume, social networks, websites, portfolios, videos, and more.


In an interview with Careerbright, Amit De, the CEO of Careerleaf tells us that users have found Careerleaf  ‘very effective in helping them track and apply on any site, and have indicated that its one of their top tools.’


Q. Job seekers today are overwhelmed with the web options on posting their resume. How does Careerleaf offer a better solution to reduce time spent on searching and posting for jobs? Jobseekers can use this time for prepping up skills rather than being online for hours a day.

Amit: Careerleaf provides a better solution for job seekers by providing an all-inclusive community for their job search. Not only can they search for jobs, but they also can build and maintain a unique profile to better showcase themselves to potential employers and recruiters. The all-in-one platform also offers job seekers unique tools to track and manage their search, and the Careerleaf Tracklet allows users to drag and drop information from their profile, while also tracking and applying to jobs found anywhere on the Web.


Q. I was impressed by the profile page that Careerleaf offers. Can recruiters easily search the profile page?

Amit: Yes, Careerleaf user profiles make it easy for recruiters to find you, whether you are passively or actively searching for a job. It allows job seekers to provide their cover letter, resume, social networks, websites, portfolios, and much more.


Q. Is there some option to make the profile page unique and stand out from others or it follows a basic template layout? I might also want to change and tailor my resume to a particular job; how can the Tracklet or the profile page help me in such a situation?

Amit: Our profile pages all have a basic template, but the information a user provides will help them stand out from competition. We suggest filling everything in clearly and concisely and continually updating your profile to better represent you throughout your search. Careerleaf also allows users to link to their website, online profiles, portfolio, and videos to provide recruiters and employers with more proof of the great work they’ve done in prior roles.

Customizing your resume to each position you apply for is always smart, too. Careerleaf users can upload as many resumes or cover letters as they wish. We offer three different resume layouts for different preferences and needs.


Q.The Tracklet is a unique feature on Careerleaf. What was the inspiration behind it and what has been your users review on using Tracklet so far?

Amit: Our inspiration for the Careerleaf Tracklet came from the frustrations that we both experienced and observed during the job search. We created the Tracklet to cut the time to apply in half through the ability to track and manage the job search from anywhere on the Web. Users have found it very effective in helping them track and apply on any site, and have indicated that its one of their top tools.

See how to use Tracklet:

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Good luck Careerleaf! We need more easy to use apps and platforms to reduce time spent on looking for and applying for jobs.