1. Define Dream Job

It has to be specific, avoid vague definitions. What inspires you? Why do you want it so bad? Does it make you happier and more satisfied than you are now? How does this job excite you? Write it down and revisit at least a few times before getting to a final draft. Don’t skip this step – to get somewhere you must first know where to go.


2. Get Real

What we dream to do and what we really do may be miles apart. You can overcome the distance through smart planning and goal setting. But get real here; dreams can be vague and unreal. Don’t make your dream job a trip to the sun. Skills matter, they matter a lot. If you are ready to spruce up your skills and jump in a new career, dream on. But if not, make sure your dream job is a possibility upon careful evaluation of your present circumstances and possibilities.


3. Focus on one

When analyzing, don’t nail down 3-4 jobs as your dream jobs. There should be one or on close lines 2 at the most. Focus on this one job, what are the requirements, skills sets and expectations? How do you meet them? Research well, research again. Look up job boards and list the requirements. Do it for a few of them and narrow down to one or two which truly meets your expectations.


4. If none around, Create one

If you have ‘been-there done-that’, and a new career would be your dream job; go for it. Your dream job description might not exist now, but if you can satisfy one major need for an organization or bring value and revenue to a product or service, you’re on your way to create a career for you. Innovations and creative efforts are always appreciated.


5. Connections matter

As with any other career move, we don’t get much further without a team or a mentor. Where you want to be perhaps others have been there. Who are you connected to? Who can you connect with now to find out how to get there? Networking and knowing the right people can get you there faster.


6. What’s your Brand?

You might be good, or extremely good, but the right people have to find you to harness your talent. Or you have to find them. Whatever be the case, it matters a lot how they perceive you now. What’s your brand? What do I see when I search for you online? What’s your credibility? How are you showcasing yourself to attract others to you? Work on your brand and your unique value proposition. It’s always a pleasure to be sought than to seek!


7. Experience and Expertise matter – a lot

There’s a lot of competition, no doubt about that. What makes you stand out? Have realistic expectations, you cannot jump to a different career which requires an altogether new skill set and experience. There are thousands who would qualify for this dream job, what makes you the best candidate? Gain experience and expertise before you apply for this job. Make a strong case, failures make us strong but our successes make us stronger. Go for the target in the first shot. At least give it a fair enough try.


8. Risk It

There’s no gain without a risk. Success comes to those who are willing to risk. These are not just sayings, it’s a fact. You could do what you are doing planning on your dream career and thereafter consoling yourself that it might not just happen, or you could be the action hero and go ahead and take a risk to explore the possibility of being where you always wanted to be. To think is not enough, we must plan. To plan is not enough, we must act.


9. Give it all

And to act is not enough, perseverance matters. How often we start on a project but fail to see it to completion. The reasons may be many but most often it is our inability to persist. When on the quest to get on to your dream career persistence and focus are high on the secret list. Be driven and fire your desire to get to your dream job with a smart action plan. Are you ready to give-it-all try?


“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”- Zig Ziglar


Here’s an interesting TEDx talk on finding the career you love:
How To Find And Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore

What are you doing to get to your dream job?