In my previous post (titled: The Female Boss – Is she Different from her Male Counterpart?) I talked about not judging a boss at all, but of course we do deal with one day in and day out, so addressing ‘boss classification’ is justifiable. And after all we do need to crib about something or someone over drinks with friends or conversation at the water-cooler, so why not the boss?
Do you relate with some of the boss-classifications here?

“How did he/she get this job?” Boss
Employees hate it when they have to work under a boss who projects no vision of competency. Employees seek direction and motivation from their managers, with an incompetent and non-authoritative boss, the direction towards a mission or goal is lost.

The Micromanager
Why can’t the managers give more leeway to the employees and a scope to show their talent? Micromanagement is the primary cause of stalled creativity in employees (do you agree?); work becomes a heavy load under a micromanager. It is always a struggle to how to move on to another division or job or better still how to get your boss to move on to another group!

The Bully
How would you feel like when the first thought you have about your work in the morning is an encounter with a bully? Employees hate bosses who are all about intimidating those under them and undermining their capabilities. The sadistic bosses are perhaps the top reason for employee job departure.

“The Door” Boss
Why is the boss always behind shut doors, Ok we understand you do not want to disturb us if you are on calls all day but we also need to “see” you work! Why can’t he/she be accessible when I need to walk in and talk about my code or a project issue?

So of course, when you are around such bosses, why would you not love to hate them? And after all it gives us so much to talk about and to vent our feelings when we talk about our work with our spouse and friends!

What do you love about your boss?
Since this is a website promoting positive thoughts, the focus should be on what we like about our bosses, sometimes we have to really think hard about what is good about them (!!) but they too deserve appreciation now and then! Think about it!

Stay tuned for What do the Bosses Hate most about Employees