Now since we have classified the boss in the previous post and talking about our boss-woes is in routine, let’s see what goes on the other side of the fence.

Why are you not making MY job easier?
Your boss wants to see that you get your job done so that he does not have to be after you to get it done. Are you sending in your weekly status report regularly, are you keeping him/her appraised of the project or is your boss running after you to get the information? Managers have already too much on their plate (as if you don’t!) and they want you to run full steam to get your work done so that they do not have to be on your neck all the time during the project or when nearing completion.

Internet and Phone – Excessive Communication – Why is your network always “On”
Bosses hate chatterboxes – of course they would be because you are being paid to work at work and your boss is there to monitor exactly that and of course your competency. They hate it when you are on the internet too long or on the cell phone taking in fresh air outside or chatting with a colleague. Increasingly over the last couple of years, many private companies and government organizations are taking a tough stand on limiting the employee time on internet and blocking access to certain websites during work hours.

Dozing off at the Meeting
And especially when your boss is on the roll! No dispute that most of the meetings are sleep inducer, but whatever you do don’t get caught dozing off by your boss. The boss wants feedback on the meetings and what he has been ranting on, which could only come when the employees are paying attention in the first place!

Why are you on-leave too often?
“When I can’t dream of taking a few days off till the project deadline why is my employee on extended or frequent leave?” Though for some bosses this is not a big deal but they want to be notified well ahead in advance of any long-term leave planned. And don’t take a day off every other week.

Why are you not there when I am here?
Most bosses love employees who are there at their desk when they arrive and are there to wave goodbyes at the end of the day but that does not mean that relentless surfing and just ‘hanging around’ to fill up the time impresses the boss.

What do you do when your manager wants you to work long hours even though your tasks can be completed within the usual 8-9 hours? Please comment below.