As a working mother, what would you prefer when considering getting back in the job market — full-time employment or working part-time? It is no dispute that working part-time brings many advantages to a working mother’s life -work balance act. Here are the top 5 reasons why women prefer working part-time when re-entering the workforce:

  1. More energy and less stressed in the evening after a 5-6 hours work day. Evenings are not just the time spent on getting ready for the next work day, but more to be lived in the moment.
  2. Less money spent on general daycare expenses and after school programs for kids
  3. More time to enjoy with kids and in helping them with their homework or just finding time to interact with them
  4. More “me-time”, even before picking up kids from school, you may find time for that half-hour pedicure / manicure or a quick shopping trip without the kids in tow!
  5. A satisfying feeling of self-accomplishment and outlet to creativity through work as compared to being a full-time stay-at-home mother

If not one the above, what is your reason to work part-time?

An interesting article on San Jose Mercury Newspaper quotes the US Census Bureau Current population survey, 2001-2005; on how many women would want to work part time, why and where.

Women who want to work part-time:

Yes: 65.4 percent
No: 34.5 percent

Of the women working part-time, here’s why:
Couldn’t find full-time job: 19.42 percent
Wanted part-time work: 40.97 percent
Took what they could find: 18.77 percent
Other: 20.84 percent
Among the top part-time occupations, percent of occupation that uses part-time workers:
Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance: 37 percent
Food preparation and serving: 33 percent
Sales: 22 percent
Personal Care and service: 20 percent
Education, training and library: 19 percent
Legal: 16 percent
Transportation and material moving: 15 percent
Office and material moving: 15 percent
Office and administrative support: 14 percent
Health care practitioners and technicians: 14 percent
Health care support: 13 percent