fengshui-officeWhat happens to your feng shui when you work in cubicleville? Some might say it’s all boxed up. But even if you work inside of four padded walls, that cubicle doesn’t have to limit you. No, indeed. With a little decorating inspiration and feng shui tweaks, your cubicle can go from boring to boardroom. Think about employing these eight office-friendly cubicle-enhancing tips that will get your feng shui on the executive track – and maybe just help you move up the career ladder.

This is a guest post by Kathryn Weber, author of Living Space: Simple Steps to Transform Your Home

1. Make an entrance


Even if your cubicle is small and lacks the oak doors of the executive offices, it’s still the conduit for your career chi. That’s why it’s important to make your entrance look auspicious and avoid making it cramped with coats, sweaters or those musty old “Hang In There Baby” cutesy-stress posters. Instead, opt for creating an attractive, uncluttered entrance, moving coats and sweaters to the rear of your cubicle. Anything at the entrance can block energy from reaching you – and helping you be more productive and raise your corporate profile.

2. Beautify naturally


A simple elegant desk plant at the entrance is another terrific way to create a beautiful entrance and create some growing chi in your small workspace. One of the best plants to have? A simple orchid. The flower of career is surprisingly easy to grow, but if you’ve got a brown thumb, a silk orchid is just fine. Better still, this highly potent plants brings major career chi and can offer great career climbing mojo.

3. Mission statement


While it might seem cute to hang funny signs and cute posters in your cubicle, this is a great opportunity to show management what you’re made of. If you have a personal mission statement, such as “The Buck Stops Here” print it up on pretty paper and frame it. When management stops by your desk, they’ll know they’ll be walking into the space of a motivated and encouraging employee. Even better, you’ll see your personal mission statement day in and day out and it will lift your spirits and your sights.

4. Draw your eye to the lucky corner


Find the corner that’s opposite of your doorway and place something beautiful here, such as a plant, a beautiful crystal or a lamp. Using this decorating trick is an easy way to make your cubicle seem larger. Plus, the item works to lift the energy in the lucky corner of your cubicle and give it a dose of auspicious energy.

5. Get your nose out of the corner


Even if that’s the spot your computer is set up, it doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Instead, turn your computer so that it’s on a straight wall or where you can see the entrance better. Turning your nose to the corner in a cubicle often feels like a punishment from the toddler years, and staying that way can lower your energy, and raise your resentment. Do what you can to turn your computer away from the corner.

6. Put files behind you

Work behind you instead of stacked up is a bonus, while work stacked up on either side of you represents being hemmed in. So put work on a credenza or file cabinet behind you where it represents support. No spot to place it behind you? Stack it on your left side.

7. Make it welcoming


If you have an open corner, create a seating area. Place a chair here and a pretty picture. Some cubicles feel like you’re violating personal space by being there. Do away with that by having a spot that’s inviting. It tells all who visit – and the chi that enters – that your cubicle is warm and welcoming and not a domain to be defended.

8. Create a view

Even if you don’t have a window, you can still create a view. This gives cubicle dwellers a feeling of spaciousness. A view of a mountain setting, a lake or a pretty vista is a great stand in for a window. Try to place it where you can see it. Views of mountains are perfect to hang behind you for added support from management.

9. Keep it clean

Clutter cuts down on chi and movement and it’s easy to create a cluttered cubicle. Resist the urge to let paper pile up. Keeping your cubicle orderly shows respect for your office, keeps energy flowing – and that keeps you more efficient.


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