The internet has made our lives undeniably easier.

For example, 30 years ago it was literally impossible to order a signed copy of Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence from eBay as you lounged around in your underwear stuffing chips into your mouth.

It was also impossible to comment on a picture of a cat who “haz cheezburger” or create a meme of an exasperated Jean-Luc Picard chastising one thing or another.

Aside from bidding on dreary dirges from the 60s and playing around with Picard, the World Wide Web has helped countless folk dip a toe back into educational waters in a bid in increase their earning power.

For many busy professionals, taking time out from a career to go back to university simply isn’t an option – but a distance learning degree conducted online is becoming an increasingly popular route.

Not only does an online course minimise time spent away from the office, it allows learners to juggle other commitments – family and childcare, for example – as they increase their skills.

But what are the main benefits of studying remotely, as opposed to strapping on your backpack and heading to a bricks and mortar institution?

Read on to find out …

Enjoy a Vast Range of Courses

Just because you opt to study online, it doesn’t mean you’re restricted in the variety of courses you can choose. Nowadays, distance learners can pick from an MBA in Law to a BA in Human Retargets Management and a smorgasbord of other exciting qualifications designed to boost skills and improve career prospects.

Earn While You Learn

Although stereotypical images of university revolve around hard up students surviving on a diet of alcohol and beans, distance learning students are typically employed full time throughout their course. This means you can live the life you’ve become accustomed to as you gain the skills to take your career to the next level.

Choose Where and When You Study

One of the greatest benefits of distance learning is the ability to study wherever you have an internet connection. Again, this is ideal if you would struggle to juggle work, family and childcare commitments with making your way to campus on a regular basis. As an added bonus, it allows you to avoid rubbing shoulders with pimply teens fresh from school.

Climb the Career Ladder

Not only does enrolling in a distance learning course show your current or potential employer a commitment to self development and ambition, it allows you to branch out into other areas that your current career may not accommodate. After all, it’s better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb, rather than halfway up one you don’t …


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