When working for a company that has multiple locations, relocating employees may be a common occurrence. Some people may volunteer for the new position, while others are requested to go for one reason or another. Going somewhere new is exciting, but moving can also be a highly stressful experience. Here are some tips to embrace this new change and make the transition as smooth as possible.


Accept it Will Be a Challenge

Relocating for your job will cause a number of stresses, from packing up your old home to getting used to a new work environment. Our resistance to the challenges in our life greatly contributes to the discomfort we feel. If you go into this situation knowing there will be challenges, and things you may not like, you will be able to handle them much better. You won’t feel so blindsided. Our expectations for a situation play a huge part in how we handle it.


Life is All about Change..Try to Focus on the Positives

Change is uncomfortable, and leaving your familiar environment and the job you have now is a lot to take in at once. You may feel apprehensive about the future, but try to look at it as a great opportunity for learning and personal growth. You have been presented with chance to advance your career; in many ways, you have a fresh start where you can fine tune your professional performance, and really make a good impression. It is an exciting new chapter in your life, and while you naturally have reservations about certain aspects of it, try to embrace it.


Helping the Family Adjust

If you have a family, this adds another layer to the experience, and they may need some assistance in making the transition. This may be especially true if you have school-aged children who are entrenched with their group of friends, activities and the like.

One of the first things to consider is whether you can time the move to avoid any major disruptions. For example, maybe it would be better to let your child finish out the school year, rather than picking up in the middle of the semester.

Make the unfamiliar more familiar by doing some research on your new location. See what types of organizations and activities may be available for your children and your spouse, and talk about it with them. It can give them something to look forward to, and may ease some of the anxiety about setting in a new place.

Talk openly and honestly about their worries and concerns. Encourage them to ask questions, and do your best to find the answers to them. While you definitely want to put a positive spin on the experience, it is also important to not just totally brush off any fears –acknowledge them.

When it comes to actually packing up the house to move, it may be tempting to go on a major purge, but it can be a good idea to let your children bring most of their stuff, and then sort it out in the new home; this can help give them a greater sense of control over their new situation.


Take Advantage of Any Retargets Available to You Before and After the Relocation

Your company will likely offer myriad types of assistance in helping you make this transition. Take advantage of any services that may be available don’t hesitate to contact the people or department who handles employee relocation with any questions or concerns.

In many instances, companies utilize the services of companies such as Churchhill Corporate Housing to get their employees into temporary housing while they are searching for a new home. These relocation service firms not only assist the companies for which they are working, but often offer many services directly to the employees, such as offering tours of different neighborhoods to help give them an idea of where they may want to purchase property. If there is someone that can help you with a particular aspect of the relocation, take advantage of that help to ease your stress as much as possible.


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An interesting infographic by atlasvanlines.com shares insights on drawbacks to relocating or why an employee refuses to move: