In an interview with Careerbright, work/life balance expert Sheri Riley, founder of GLUE, Inc. and creator of the Exponential Living program ( offers some profound thought-provoking insights on work life strategies for a satisfying career and meaningful achievement and accomplishments in life.

Riley’s Exponential Living program is a ground-breaking initiative that helps individuals create balance among life’s key areas in ways that promote a higher standard of excellence.

Q. Welcome Sheri, tell us about yourself and how you planned on coming up with the Exponential Living program? What’s the audience you have in mind, i.e. who benefits the most from this program?

Exponential Living is what I strive for everyday. Over the last 20 years, I have counseled and guided others to experience Exponential Living.  The focus is on high achievers and A-Type personalities, but the principles can be applied by everyone.  Also, high achievers are not defined by their economic status or job title; these are people who set goals for themselves and their families and work daily to accomplish those goals.

The people who benefit most from the Exponential Living methods are those “committed to the sacrifice” and that apply the principles daily.  This also includes people who are open to living in their own P.O.W.E.R. (Perspective.  Ownership.  Wisdom.  Engagement.  Reward) and knowing “Who They Are” rather than just focusing on  “What they Do.”


Q. How does your Exponential Living program benefit those in career transition, especially since they are dissatisfied with their present career or job and seek advice on a meaningful and satisfying career?

I must admit that, over the years, this has been where Exponential Living really applies, starting with myself.  Fourteen years ago, I was “living my dream.” I had worked over five years to secure a job at a record label and after finally getting that job, I was at one of the top labels in the industry, working with and guiding the careers of the biggest recording artists in the world. I was a few weeks away from being promoted to Vice President and making a mid six-figure income, but I resigned!  I had accomplished and excelled at THAT dream for my life.  Also, as much as I loved my job, I was not happy with my life.  I always knew I wanted to be a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. I couldn’t allow this level of success, my comfort level with my job, or my fears to stop me from transitioning out of this job and into the next phase of my life.

I used the nine methods outlined in my Exponential Living program to successfully endure the challenges and enjoy the benefits of making this significant change.  I have worked with others who have transitioned careers, stopped working “a job,” and begun living their passion (job, career, or opportunity).

The process isn’t easy, but with consistency and faith, your reward is Exponential Living.


 Q. What according to you are the major distractions that take us away from our long term goals?

There are several things I know that are major distractions:

  1. Success
  2. Contentment
  3. Fear
  4. The voice between our ears
  5. Lack of commitment to the sacrifice
  6. Not listening to the “right” people and not creating a circle of positive influence
  7. Lack of belief in our own P.O.W.E.R.


 Q. What according to you are the secrets of having a satisfying career?

First, I believe it starts with defining success for yourself.  Success is not only defined by how much money you make and how high you rise on the corporate ladder. There are many people who are unhappy or feel like they haven’t achieved success, which keeps them from feeling satisfied because they haven’t stopped to define their own success.  I have achieved everything I set out to do at this point in my life. It wasn’t until this year that I removed myself from feeling unsatisfied and unaccomplished with my life.  I finally stopped and honestly looked at my life, what I have accomplished, and who I am as a person. I realized I was very happy and satisfied with my life.

There are still many things that I am focused on accomplishing. However, what I desire to achieve in the future will no longer rob me of the joy and satisfaction I have in the present.  I no longer stress about tomorrow or fret over yesterday, but I enjoy the gifts I have today, which is my present.


Q. There are many job seekers who have been out of job for years and struggling to reenter the workforce, how can they maintain their sanity and focus in the troubled economic times that we see with more layoffs and less hiring?

There is no easy answer to this question because the realities and hardships of not being able to provide the basic needs for yourself and your family is one of the hardest life issues we can face.  As an entrepreneur, I am “unemployed” every morning until I secure my next contract.  My company has experienced long periods (years) of having none to very few clients. During these times, I could barely and, at times, couldn’t, provide for my family.  My home was headed into foreclosure and the car was weeks away from being repossessed. Some days, I had to make the choice: “Do I put gas in my car to drive to meet with potential clients or do I buy groceries for my family?”

Even though I lost many material things during these times, I never lost the most important things, and I didn’t waiver in my faith, hope, and belief that  this to shall pass.” I knew that I would find the job/clients that would allow me to change my financial circumstances. I didn’t waiver in my perseverance and commitment to research and preparation for honing and learning new skills, maximizing every opportunity that presented itself to me.

I stayed open to all opportunities.


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