You have a great idea, you just launched a company, or you are already in the beta phase with 100 plus customers. It’s time to look for funding to expand and test out wider greener horizons. Getting your pitch ready to reach out to the VCs or angel investors is your first step to get noticed or be recommended.

Here are 10 Striking Points that you must pitch to the Venture Capitalists.

  • You have few minutes to make the pitch but it is in the first few seconds – the first 20-40 seconds that we must be clear on what you are talking about. Don’t take too long to get to the point – get to the point straight away. Clearly articulate your value proposition. What’s unique about it?
  • Be upfront about the process – who you are and what you are doing. Are you credible to do what you do, what are your and your team members’ qualifications that wow us or indicate instantly that yes we can trust you with the project and product.
  • What’s the market size you are aiming for and what’s your market strategy? Do you understand your audience or customers well? We want to hear this clearly stated.
  • How would you or do you monetize? What’s your revenue strategy? How do you foresee your profitability in the coming years?
  • What makes your product better than others? What’s the competition and how do you measure your product or service to that?
  • Do you have any customers? Are they excited about your product? Are they talking about it? What does it mean to them? Any stories? – tell us in brief.
  • Is your idea scalable? Give a quick example. We’re looking for companies that can scale fast.
  • How much money do you need? Where all will you apply that money and in what’s the momentum projection?
  • Don’t make up any stories, be honest. We’re going to find out the truth straight away when we question you after your pitch.
  • Be confident while presenting, come out well rehearsed and articulate. It’s your chance to make an impression on someone who would invest in you, the presentation must come across well to impress.

Here’s a an example that shows how to make an effective pitch:


Thanks to VCs – Arif Janmohamed, Vivek Mehra and Santiago Subotovsky for sharing these tips at the Pitchfest at TIE, Silicon Valley.


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