InternshipIf you’re looking to crack into a new industry, then one thing that can significantly boost your chances of making it a success is to get real hands on experience in the industry you hope to work in. Even if you ultimately want to work behind the scenes, committing to a period of time working in the trenches, as it were, will boost your chances of your employment and, in the long term, enable you to have a much understanding of the field you’re in – which can only help your job performance. Alternatively, if you’re already in the field, then getting down and dirty hands on experience can be a refresher on your industry – and improve your own work.

Internships are the path that many companies prefer as they search around for the right hires for their organization. It gives them time to assess the professionalism and knowledge of a possible employee. Here are few things to consider as you join an internship that might boost your chance of finding permanent employment in the company of your dreams:


Setting up the Position

If you’re in the process of getting the qualifications you need for your future role, get in contact with the leading companies in your field and see if they offer any voluntary position internships. Most will be more than willing to accommodate your request. Furthermore, this also establishes a working relationship with that company – which may come in handy later on down the line when you’re looking for a full time job. When you’ve found the position, ask for an interview so you can determine that the company is right for you and then agree the terms of your internship; they may offer a stipend.


Your Health and Safety First

If you have to work outdoors or have to stand on your feet for hours together, make sure you have the right equipment and tools to get you going. Ensure that you work in a safe environment and you’re kept safe. And when you want comfort and safety it’s good to equip yourself with what sustains you at your workplace – this Timberland Earthkeepers review is an example on how you can keep on the lookout for products that are good for you. Other things to consider when working in high-demand environments is to have warm clothing if the region you work in is cold, and also take care of eating well. Proper nutrition and having a good healthy diet will keep you healthy and your mind alert as you go around doing physical labor or any other work environment that you have chosen. These are small things that your management might not care about but when they do and also you care about health and safety you become a more productive member of the workforce. 


Attitude is a Must for Altitude

When you’re actually at the internship, it’s your responsibility to make sure you approach it with the right attitude. If you’re not fully committed to what you’ll be doing, then you’re better off not doing it all – anything less than 100% effort will reflect badly on you, and will affect your reputation with the company. Be alert, be well prepared, be enthusiastic to learn and willing to help out with whatever tasks are assigned to you.  With the right mindset and attitude you can attain any altitude. Take on new opportunities and don’t shy away from new responsibilities that come your way. In the end, you’ll only get out what you put in – so bring all the gusto you can muster and treat like it’s your actual job.


Looking Forward

Towards the end of your internship, you’ll want to start looking to the future. Don’t think of your internship as just a thing you did to get the position you really want; bridge the gap between the two. You’ll have learned a lot during your time volunteering, even if you don’t quite realise it yet. When it comes to interviewing, make the most of your internship, and then when you have the job, apply the skills you’ve learnt.