Procrastination is [moral] defilement, continued procrastination is defilement. By non procrastination [punctuality] and knowledge, root out your darts [of sin].
(Utthana Sutta, v. 4)

Get the work done now, meet deadlines and keep your boss posted on the updates. Do not procrastinate.

He who walks in the company of fools, suffers a long way; company with fools, as with an enemy, is always painful; company with the wise is pleasure, like meeting with kinsfolk. (Dhammapada, v. 207)
Therefore one ought to follow the wise, the intelligent, the learned, the much-enduring, the dutiful; one ought to follow a good and wise man as the moon follows the path of the stars. (Dhammapada, v. 208)

Keep good company at work; collaborate with those more knowledgeable than you are and impart knowledge to new hires. Make your day at the workplace more meaningful and fulfilling.

From whomsoever a man learns the Law; he should worship him, even as the gods worship Indra. The learned man, being thus honoured, his mind pleased with [his disciple], makes the Law more manifest.
(Nava Sutta, v. 1)

If you have a mentor – thank him/her, if you don’t seek one. Respect your job and thank those who impart you the knowledge to do better.

 There exists no spot on the earth, or in the sky, or in the sea, neither is there any in the mountain-clefts, where an [evil deed does not bring trouble to the doer].

(Udanavarga, ix, v. 5) 

Don’t lose your work ethics and always work towards the better good and development of your team and company. Plan and act towards the greater benefit for your team and company; make your daily contribution – howsoever small, when put together it results somewhere in big revenues for your company.

 The fault of others is easily perceived, but that of oneself is difficult to perceive; the faults of others one lays open as much as possible, but one’s own fault one hides, as a cheat hides the bad die from the gambler.

If a man looks after the faults of others, and is always inclined to detract, his own weakness will grow.
(Dhammapada, vv. 252, 253)

Your boss or your co-workers may not always be right and there could be office politics that you detest; the best way to focus on your work and personal development is to steer clear of it all. Do not accuse colleagues or bosses; do your job and if the going gets tough work towards finding a solution not retaliation.

Source of the Buddhism teachings: The Golden Rules of Buddhism Compiled by H.S. Olcott