If you have a young child at home you probably have seen many  SpongeBob Squarepants episodes over and over again. Yes, he may sound silly and act childish but SpongeBob has a lot to teach us on how to be a good employee..

Here’s how I found some lessons to be learnt from SpongeBob: (Do share yours too!)

SpongeBob is an enthusiastic and happy worker

SpongeBob has been the “employee of the month” for many months and takes pride in displaying his monthly photo to his friend Patrick. He is also a very happy worker, we often see him singing while working and that happy toothy smile is the most SpongeBob fans would remember.

Lesson learnt: You could be grouchy or grumpy at work or can be the happy chappy which our SpongeBob is, but just see Squidward – of the two who would you want to be? Do what you like and also like what you do (Do it this way – first do what you like and then enjoy doing it, enthuse others as well on the job!) Be enthusiastic at your job and serve your customers happily! If you lack motivation; seek one, it could be to get a pay raise or that promotion, strive to be the “employee of the month” in your eyes.

Always ready to “learn” new tools

In one of the episodes SpongeBob dreams of getting this new “high-tech” spatula, but realizes that all frills and glamour does not mean it is the perfect tool for the job.

Employee lesson: Learn new tools and skills at work but respect and be an expert on your old ones. Being perfect at some tool rather than getting lost in the new tools/tech maze is something you should focus on first.

Always protects confidential data

SpongeBob has been lured umpteen times by the “evil” plankton to give up on the Krabby patty formula but all attempts have been foiled so far. The formula is safe.

Lesson learnt- As an employee you must protect all company information and never trade in for money or other attempts from conspiring parties. Also please protect your laptop, you have lots of information on your company laptop and PDAs ensure safety at all times!