The quest for a satisfying life and career is universal, for all age groups and people in different cultures, almost all of us go through this important questioning stage. What could make our life more satisfying? What would make our personal life and career more satisfying than it is today?
When questioning our present situation either at work or in our personal life we must realize that life and career are not two divergent topics, they have to be seen together in the same light to extract the best essence. Our personal lives and career supplement and compliment each other, our holistic satisfaction lies in a good balance between them and not trying to solve the life-work balance debate by considering them as being solitary issues. What matters in your personal life today has an impact on your career and vice-versa.

Our work and career are a part of our lives, our work supplements and adorns our personal life. How we perceive and regard our personal time and activities very much reflects in our work. Whenever in a quandary on how best to manage work-life issues, it is a must that we evaluate the tasks at work and life together, not separately.

What are you doing at work that is making you flustered today? Is there a personal problem that could be the cause of your dissatisfaction in your present career? Or is it the other way round?

On the path to self-discovery the emphasis should always be on positive thinking and looking ahead. We tend to brood on the past for long and miss the present which makes our future. Evoke the past only to learn from what is history now; don’t let the negative emotions drag you down. Through positive thinking and looking ahead we create the path to a healthy and happy future. Right this minute in passing is becoming the past, what do you want to do in the next minute to illuminate your future?

Patience and faith are the much required strengthening pillars which are your supports to lean on at difficult times; it is up to you how strong you can build them. Yet again, positive thinking is the best mortar you can find to ensure virtual indestructibility of your pillars of strength.

You are what you think; you get what you dream of.

Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.
— Mahatma Gandhi