Some tips on effective networking:

  • Let your friends / family / ex-coworkers know that you are active in job search
  • Join online social networking groups as LinkedIn, Ryze
  • Participate in job search and advice forums as Career Women’s Forum which offers global online network for working women or those searching for jobs and Job Seekers Advice Forum
  • Join local women’s association or groups which organize social networking events for women or job seekers
  • Whether at a pool, gym or party, they are all times for networking – but don’t overdo it! If networking is always on your mind you could be jeopardizing your friendships
  • Take initiative to introduce yourself to people you don’t know – in a party or a social meeting
  • Keep an open mind to recommendations from friends or acquaintances
  • While networking, show a cheerful and positive outlook, never undermine yourself
  • Ask open-ended questions, such as, “Could you please send me the contacts of those you know in the field that I am currently searching jobs? Here is my Email address.”
  • Get yourself some “business cards” that state your name, address, Email and contact number, with a brief description of your skills
  • Follow-up on your retargets with a polite phone call or an Email, often it is the follow-up Emails that get your retarget in action – whether it is forwarding your resume to their HR or sending it out to their friends in similar industry
  • Don’t forget to thank even those who were not of help at the moment. It is an essential networking etiquette.

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