There are many things business owners and managers can do to help increase productivity within their workplace. The most important thing to do to increase productivity in a workplace is determine why there might be a decline or low productivity in the first place. This could be anything including being understaffed or lack of proper training. On an individual worker level, productivity could also be impacted by personal or health issues. Identifying the cause can help you come up with proper solutions to increase and sustain productivity.

Balancing Bandwidth

One cause for low productivity could be bandwidth. If there are not enough employees, or the employees you have are overloaded in tasks, you may notice decreases in productivity. There are only so many working hours in a day after all. If this is the case, business owners and managers can re-delegate tasks and create stronger organizational structure for work loads and deadlines. If needed, they can also hire more staff if their budget allows.

Lack of Proper Training

Some workplaces require specialized training for workers to understand and effectively execute their job. Jobs like bartending, working in a call center, and even working as a retail cashier require training for staff to understand your business’ workflow and best practices. Without proper training, productivity could be lower due to learning curves of the job. For new employees, make sure that there are appropriate resources in place to help them succeed and get support when needed. For current employees, assessing training and workflow every few months can help you understand where you might need to aid in refreshed training sessions.

Personal Productivity in Individual Employees

Sometimes productivity is not an issue for the overall team. It may come down to individual employees. If this is the case, understanding how you can help that employee can lead to a better future of productivity. For example, there may be workers in your office who frequently vape. Vaping odors can be a major distraction and cause coworkers to have allergic reactions. issues. If this is the case, addressing no-vape policies within your workplace can be beneficial. While vape can be harmful to users, it can also cause second hand vape smoke in your office that can cause serious lung issues even for non-users.

Does Vaping Decrease Productivity in the Workplace?

Did you know that vaping can decrease productivity in users? If you do not already have a no-vape policy in place, it could help increase productivity to implement one. Vape and e-cigarette products contain nicotine or cannabis that can lead to serious addiction. In a workplace, this might mean taking frequent breaks to vape. It can also have a serious impact on brain development in youth who vape. Harmful chemicals in vapes can impact a user’s ability to learn and focus. In a work setting, this could be causing lower productivity.

To help enforce new no-vape policies, workplaces can install vape detectors. An  office vape detector can help you detect harmful particulates in the air. Not only does it protect your staff from secondhand smoke, but it can also help enforce no-vape policies, encouraging your staff to ditch vaping habits in the workplace.