This is a guest post by Vince Dawkins.

After spending years in the exploration, development, and production (known as E&P) industry, I’m still aware that the field isn’t considered as “noble” as teaching or perhaps the medical field. As a result, many people are switching careers to avoid the oil and gas industry. But is this reputation truly deserved?

Younger generations are environmentally conscious, and while I love the fact that Gens Y and Z are more “green,” I also worry that they’re not fully aware of E&P’s positive side.

Here are some perks you might not know about!

· Oil and gas provides millions of American jobs.

· Lower energy costs for consumers.

· Energy security.

· Continued production of everyday products.

· Major oil and gas companies, including Shell and Repsol, are turning to renewable technology and emission reduction measures.

Intrigued? Great! Let’s see why oil and gas still has a place in our future — and why job seekers should consider the industry.

The Tech World Is Volatile for Workers

Many young adults wish to enter the tech field, but there’s a troublesome trend. The industry is laying off employees at a rapid pace. Thousands of people have lost their jobs in the first few weeks of 2023 alone due to good ol’ automation, AI, SaaS, and other solution offerings eliminating the need for physical IT.

The good news is that anyone who loves tech — and especially software boffins — can find fulfilling positions in the oil and gas industry. For example, I’m the president and CEO of Enertia Software, and I’ve immensely enjoyed my contributions in developing this application into a resource that’s currently being used by over 250 E&P leaders.

Our Dependence on Oil Is Long Term

The United States relies on fossil fuels to foot 79% of its total energy requirements. Needless to say, we cannot walk away from such a strong dependence until we find a good replacement.

The Brookings Institute has said that we haven’t yet found an alternative that matches the availability and versatility of oil. It also mentioned that oil and gas are plentiful and that the methods and technologies for extracting them are improving.

In addition, once you delve into what contains oil or gas, the list becomes endless! The usual suspects include transportation (including electric cars), gasoline, plastic, and heating for our homes and businesses. But did you know that aspirin is also derived from petroleum hydrocarbons? Here are more surprising everyday products:

· Fabrics and clothing.

· Phones, computer monitors, and keyboards.

· Prosthetics and dentures.

· Life-saving medical devices, such as pacemakers and MRI machines.

· CDs and DVDs.

· Chewing gum.

· Shampoo, lipstick, waxes, lubricants, and deodorants.

· Tar and road asphalt.

All these factors make oil and gas economic resources. And these positive qualities also provide fertile grounds for jobs.

Why Working in E&P Is Both Necessary and Rewarding

OK, the oil and gas industry sustains the world as we know it. But what’s in it for someone looking to change careers but stay in the software and tech sector? Why should they join this rewarding community?

1. A variety of job opportunities.

Whether you want to develop software or see the world, E&P’s broad range of employment opportunities can take you where you want to go. There’s no shortage of different work areas to choose from here in the U.S. or abroad.

2. Competitive financial benefits.

Most people switch careers to earn more. E&P offers a higher-than-average salary range, and breaking into the field isn’t hard (the required educational background is primary). Companies also provide employees with health benefits, and some applicants might also gravitate toward extra incentives and bonuses that are offered to work remotely.

3. Training and advancement.

Whether you’re interested in software or hardware, this industry exposes employees to leading technology. You’ll learn how to use the best tools that the field has to offer. As you gain more experience and skills, there are plenty of opportunities to advance in your chosen field.

4. E&P is sustainable.

I’m proud to say that this field is making strides in environmental sustainability. This is welcomed news for “green” applicants who want a career in E&P’s sustainability workforce, where there are currently lots of job opportunities.

A Worthy Pursuit

Careers in education and medicine might get most of the glory. But oil and gas companies also boast some of the smartest and most innovative minds. Not only do they keep our world up and running as we know it, but they also move humanity forward at a stable and sustainable pace. This truly makes E&P an upstanding field to work in.


About the Guest Post Author:

Vince Dawkins, President and CEO of Enertia Software, has worked with industry-leading organizations, and he has been integral in developing the Enertia application into a resource used by over 150 leaders in the upstream oil and gas industry.