A new web based application that allows universities to provide their students with full career center services directly on their Facebook Page. This app is available through Facebook to entry-level recruiting and is free to use!

Students, recruiters, universities, it is time to check out the new job search app with the the social touch – Job4MeApp

The Facebook platform enables us to change fundamentally what until now has been an inefficient process. Job searching is a highly social activity especially among college students. It is logical to take this process to the world’s largest and most popular social network”, says Simon Bouchez, JobsforMe lead project manager.

Get to know more about this app here with an interview with Deepti Arora, the project manager of the Jobs4Me app.


Q.  jobsformeapp.com webpage displays this info “Jobs for Me is Facebook’s #1 job app for universities”; So exactly who all can benefit from this app – please elaborate.

‘Jobs For Me’ is a free application that allows universities to take their career center services and job board to the Facebook platform. While the app is installed on university fan pages, it benefits not only colleges but candidates and companies as well.

The app has an easy to use admin interface that allows universities to enter or import job descriptions from their career center job feeds. We also provide an integration solution that automatically syncs university ATS job boards with their ‘Jobs For Me’ tab to reduce upkeep while driving traffic to job postings. With the app’s email access restriction features, universities can also ensure that only their students are able to view their job descriptions, serving in the best interest for colleges, recruiters and candidates.

The app also has many socially embedded features such as a like and share function that allow students to benefit from the viral spread of information through social networks. Universities can opt to post employment opportunities from their ‘Jobs for Me’ tab on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed, increasing the mediums students have to learn about job openings. 90 percent of college students are on Facebook, and a majority of universities have Facebook Pages dedicated to career services. It is the next logical step to anchor entry-level recruiting to this popular platform.


Q. What are a few compelling reasons that a job seeker, new grad, or a recruiter would want to have this app? What makes JobsForMe app most appealing to the users?

Job seekers and recruiters do not install the application on their Facebook profiles or pages. Interested candidates can instead view the app on a university’s Facebook fan page or career center page, and benefit by having an extra medium to learn about available positions.
With college students using Facebook an average of 2 hours a day, Jobs For Me makes job searching possible without ever having to leave Facebook’s interface.
Students can also share and discuss jobs within their college networks seamlessly, bringing a social element to university Facebook pages that didn’t exist before this app.

Recruiters simultaneously are at an advantage by having their job positions broadcasted socially, which ultimately translates into an increase in received applications.


Q. Is a Facebook account required to use this app? And also is this application free to use?

Yes. An interested candidate must have a Facebook account to view job openings on their university’s Facebook page. The application is currently free for universities, students and recruiters to use.


Q. Now with Google+ making waves, there would be many users who would like to use this app in near future; do you offer access through other such social media applications or perhaps a plan for future?

We are always on the lookout for additional platforms that we can use to better engage and serve our application’s users. However, given the current scope and traffic of Facebook, as well as its promotion of third-party applications, we remain focused on refining and improving our core technology on Facebook.


About JobsForMe

Website: http://www.jobsformeapp.com/
Jobs For Me is a subsidiary of Work4 Labs, an innovative social media start-up with expanding offices in both San Francisco and Paris. We offer a Work For Us application as well to companies that allows them to post their available job positions on their Facebook pages. Work4 Labs has more than 8,000 company clients including Citibank, Gap, Intel and Accenture and more than 100 university partnerships, including London School of Business and Finance.

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Some examples of schools using Jobs For Me:

* ESCP Europe (France)

* ESEI Barcelona (Spain)

* London School of Business & Finance (UK)