Eco-consciousness is not a fad, it is a continuous way of life; and if you are a “green” conscious person you’d better apply your environment friendly habits to your job search. Or just send these tips to those who value supporting a healthy environment and living!

Here’s how you can be a “green” eco-conscious job searcher:

Green Printing

Print your business cards and resumes on 100% recycled paper and if you have an option to print it through a “green” printer then go for it  (and make sure you print these only when required, even the business cards can be ordered in less than 100 order). The eco-friendly printers offer vegetable-based inks or soy inks instead of petroleum-based inks. Some of the printers even use renewable energy targets, for example Monroe Litho in New York operates solely by wind power. Search for an green printer nearby, there’s a good possibility that you’ll find some.

Online Portfolio

Instead of printing out glossy, color print of your portfolio or work examples, use QR codes on your resume and/or your business cards and let recruiters visit your portfolio online.

Eco-Efficient Computer

While on job search, you’re on your computer most of the time. It is time to plan computer efficiency here are some steps you can use effectively to reduce energy usage:

  • Turn off your computer when not in use, putting it to the screen saver mode does not save energy.
  • Use smart power strips- “Plug your computer (or other device) into the blue “Control” outlet and your peripherals into the white “Automatically Switched” outlets. When you turn the PC (or other device) on, the Smart Strip turns on the “Automatically Switched” outlets and when you turn the PC off, the Smart Strip completely cuts power to the ”Automatically Switched” outlets.”
  • Use Energy Star qualified monitors and CPUs. According to “If each computer and monitor in U.S. homes were to sleep when not in use, we would save more than $700 million in annual energy costs while preventing 11 billion pounds of greenhouse gases, equivalent to emissions from about 1 million cars.” According to– “ENERGY STAR® computers power down to a sleep mode that consume 15 Watts or less power, which is around 70% less electricity than a computer without power management features. ENERGY STAR monitors have the capability to power down into two successive “sleep” modes. In the first, the monitor energy consumption is less than or equal to 15 Watts, and in the second, power consumption reduces to 8 Watts, which is less than 10% of its operating power consumption.”
  • If you’re still on the bulky CRT monitors, consider switching to LCD ones. LCD monitors require a fraction of the energy of CRT monitors.
  • Not ready to invest on a new computer or monitor then use some free software that are available around which can reduce your computer’s energy usage. For example a software – Granola monitors your PC energy usage and adjusts accordingly to save energy. This free application claims to lower the energy use by 10 to 35% even when your systems are running at full capacity. Also BatteryCare is free software that helps you to optimize the usage and performance of the modern laptop’s battery more than what its life is. And I’m sure there are many other such free software in market which can help in reducing energy usage – thereby saving you money and helping you go green by reducing CO2 reduction and using less electricity.


Greener Pastures

  • During the job search, if you’re on your job search on the computer a number of hours, weather permitting a green option is to just move outdoors with your laptop and work outdoors and WiFi permitting you can even work from a park! You get fresh air, a happy feeling, and who knows you might meet someone who can help you in your job search. Networking possibilities are almost everywhere.
  • You can even consider going to the Library or a local EDD office to surf through the listings – a benefit of sharing retargets, getting out of the house for a change, or most essentially to network and attend a job search seminar or workshop. Try coupling in a few tasks or errands together if possible to conserve retargets and get a break from the back breaking task or applying for a job.


Green Commute

Interview offer! Great news – now how can I go green on the commute? Though it may not be possible at all times, but consider carpooling or using public transport on your way to the interview. Don’t forget to be on time – when taking the public transport aim for arriving at least half an hour before time.

If we practice well enough, being green becomes a way of life and not something to consciously work at for every task.

Do share your tips in comments below.