Study Reveals Healthcare and Social Care are the Top Careers for Gen Z in 2021 with Remote Working Alienating Graduates

Small Business Prices analyses the top industries and countries for a graduate career trajectory to reveal the best places for Gen Z to work in a post-pandemic world

  • Health and social care is the top career path for graduates who want social interaction post-pandemic

  • 72% of Gen Z prefer face-to-face conversation over digital conversations at work

  • Bern in Switzerland ranks as the most popular place for Gen Z, followed by Bogota and Budapest

  • Google ranks as the most desirable internship for Gen Z’s and receives over 2 million applications every year

Gen Z is the largest generation in human history, and over the next 10 years, 1.3 billion of its members will enter the global workforce. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that this new generation is entering one of the toughest job markets in decades.

Small Business Prices analysed the top industries for Gen Z, looking at the number of jobs, salary trajectories, social orientation and face-to-face contact to reveal the top positions where Gen Z will thrive. The research was conducted on a global scale to highlight the top cities and countries around the world where Gen Z has the most potential to succeed.

The top 10 roles for Generation Z who want social interaction at work

1. Health and social care 92 100 £23,000 £30,004 £38,000
2. Healthcare workers 86 99 £21,000 £25,323 £36,000
3. Leisure, travel and related personal service 86 90 £12,000 £17,770 £28,000
4. Sales 82 99 £16,000 £22,259 £46,000
5. Teaching 81 82 £21,000 £29,430 £42,000
6. Protective service 77 93 £21,000 £29,813 £41,000
7. Personal service 76 97 £19,000 £26,080 £37,000
8. Customer service 72 86 £16,000 £19,229 £25,000
9. Textiles & printing 72 77 £20,000 £28,297 £39,000
10. Secretarial and related occupations 71 91 £15,000 £20,642 £30,000


While Gen Z may have grown up surrounded by technology and social media, they still prioritise face-to-face contact as one of the top requirements for choosing a career path. According to a survey by the World Economic Forum, 72% of Gen Z prefer face-to-face conversation over digital conversations at work.

Health and social care professions are the most popular for Gen Z who’s necessity for face-to-face contact is further intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic, which allowed even less exposure to peers in a workplace setting. Leisure and travel are the next most popular professions followed by sales occupations and teaching professions which offer the most in terms of social interaction for Gen Z.