Are you an entrepreneur who’s looking for a career field that is totally online and that you can do from the comfort of a small office? If so, you’re part of the new wave of independent, freelance workforce that got a major boost from the recent COVID pandemic. Thousands of corporations of all sizes sent workers home during lockdown and discovered that employees enjoy the freedom of being disconnected from the politics and social games of the average office.

Now, plenty of new graduates and career changers are opting to do the same. Here are some of the most rewarding online careers that you can create yourself, without ever having to see the inside of a large office. In fact, you can do all of them from home.

Job-Finding Service

Every few months, thousands of college grads are unleashed onto the job market. And aside from a single three-credit course on how to find a job after graduation, most don’t have a clue about how to find work in their field, much less write a coherent resume, cover letter, or thank you note to prospective employers. There’s no need for certification to become a job finder. All it takes is a working knowledge of the main career websites and services. Most job finders begin small and ramp up the advertising and promotion effort after they make their first few placements.

SEO Consultant

SEO consultants have been around for a couple decades now, but the new wave of entrepreneurs in this interesting field work with enterprise SEO. The technique involves large scale business promotion and dealing with companies that maintain hundreds, sometimes thousands of websites simultaneously. In addition to learning all about traditional SEO tactics, for which there are many excellent online courses, you should add enterprise-level skills to your arsenal. That way, the advice you sell to companies will be more authoritative than your average small business person’s offerings. A great way to get started is to review a guide on what enterprise SEO is and why it’s becoming a huge part of what search engine optimization is all about.

Precious Metals Dealer

As of 2021, the precious metals field is hotter than ever, and offers multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to learn the ropes, start with a small inventory of silver and gold bullion, and network like crazy. Success in this online only field is about working social media, building networks, and building up a book of regular customers.

Internet Investigation Service

Internet investigation is a niche and booming business in this era, with everything online there is no doubt that if you have impeccable online skills and a passion for diving deeper into a case or investigation, there might be a career or a hustle waiting for you . To make sure you stay on the ethical side of the law, consider completing a certified online course in cyber investigation, and then sell your services. The beauty of this new career field is that you can specialize in any of dozens of niches, corporate sleuthing being perhaps the most lucrative. But once you learn the basics of background investigations, deep research on companies, and other PI-type stuff, it’s relatively easy to find clients who want to hire you for short stints, or even ongoing work as a human retargets screener for busy companies.