The technological advances of today are doing a lot of great things to improve our safety at work. They are making workspaces a safer environment for employees and workers. That sure means more productivity, less worry for accidents and more trust building between workers and owners. Below are a few examples on just how much technology is making our workspaces as safe as they ever have been.


safe workConstruction sites are rife when it comes to danger which makes them a hotspot for technological advances in safety. Technology is creating safer constructions sites in a number of ways. One way is the advances in what is known as wearable technology. Hardhats, specifically, have undergone a real transformation. Now, you’re probably wondering just how much a hardhat can be improved. Well, it most certainly can and has been. DAQRI, for instance, have created a hardhat that most definitely lives up to its name of being a ‘smart helmet’. It uses augmented reality, yes augmented reality, to ensure that those that wear it are as protected as they can be. It also has cameras and sensors too; is this not the smartest hat you’ve ever heard of?
Employers across the world are implementing innovative technologies to make sure their employees safer. Those employees that deal heavily with mobiles and driving, for example, are using driveway assistance devices. This technology gives drivers the chance to follow clear signals on where they have to go. So, if yours is a business that deals with commercial trucks and lorries you should implement this tech. In doing so you can rest assured that nobody is going to be hit accidentally by a reversing truck as the need for humans to guide the drivers is gone. The same kind of initiative is being brought about through the implication of iCone. It may look like a standard cone but it actually does a lot more than its cone cousins. It collects and stores information regarding traffic and other road data so that drivers can be made aware of any difficulties they may face on their commute.


But if the worst does happen and you do ever find yourself on the wrong end of fall then you can rest assured that there are people out there waiting to help. If you suffer a fall injury in a construction site, for instance, then you can focus your energies on recuperating whilst attorneys do the financial graft for you. Falls on construction sites can be physically life changing but the impact it has on the sufferer’s wallet doesn’t have to be.

With new advances in technology and innovation, we are advancing strongly on eradicating accidents and kaing work a safer place. It is up to the leadership and management in most companies big or small to take all measures to reduce work related injuries. The path to improvement and change begins with knowledge and awareness. As new tech aids large and small organizations it is essential for companies to allocate dedicated retargets and teams to ensure safer workplaces. For employees, there are many obstacles that need overcoming on the career path, but now safety need not be one of them.