Did people ever describe you as extroverted growing up? Maybe you think of yourself as the glue that holds your various social circles together? Without you, would they ever get together? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are good you are a people person. Looking to cash in on your people skills? The time is perfect to do so. In a survey of employers, 60 percent said that applicants were not showing enough interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills allow people to interact well with clients, customers, coworkers, and management. This means that your people skills are in demand right now.

All jobs require a certain level of interpersonal skill, but some jobs depend on your communication ability to a high degree. Here are 5 jobs where people skills are a baseline requirement:


OneSales rep

Being in sales is all about connection. Getting the other person to trust you takes the ability to talk and put the other person at ease. You need to be able to draw them out and listen to what their pain points are. If you want to become a sales representative, often not much prior experience is required. What matters? Whether you can connect with potential clients, and if you can translate that into sales numbers.


twoCustomer support

Are you a fixer at home? Do you love helping people with their problems? Do you have lots and lots of patience? You could be perfect for customer support. Whether on a call line, or working a customer support desk in a store or at a company, being the person people to turn to with their problems can give you a rush. But that depends on the type of person you are. This job is definitely for those who like to solve problems. Fainthearted applicants should consider something else.


threeTeacher or tutor

Teachers and tutors need loads of patience and the ability to connect with both students and parents to achieve academic goals. You do not need to teach at a primary school to be a teacher. If you have a skill that is in demand, you could offer classes, sell courses, or tutor one-on-one. Being a teacher requires dedication and a high level of emotional intelligence. If you want to put your people skills to the test, this could be the perfect job for you.


Event planner

As an event planner, you are meeting people at a time in their life when they are likely to be very emotional. To realize their vision for their wedding, or other event, you will need to draw out their hidden dreams and hopes. This only happens when the event planner is willing to listen and not railroad the client’s wishes. Keeping clients calm on the day of the event and orchestrating huge teams in order to pull off a large event takes a high level of communication. Plus, you will be required to do so wearing a smile. Sound like something you could do?


Team manager

Do you know how to give direction in a pleasing way, without people feeling put off by it? Team managers know how to direct people because they have an understanding of how to inspire and motivate. The best team managers are patient and know how to draw the best out of each person on their team. They are likeable, easy to respect, and have integrity. Having organizational skills is a plus. But the most important aspect of being a manager is people skills.


If you have been hunting around for a career change, but have not found anything that appealed to you, consider this list. Your people skills–that aspect of who you are which is hard to define on a resume–could actually be the thing that lands you your next job.