Creating programs that strengthen employee retention makes happier employees and better work and also saves the company money in hiring and training expenses. Additionally, meaningful volunteer programs create a more appealing and competitive company for talented individuals who are considering working for the company. 

There is no doubt that corporate social responsibility and employee engagement rank high on the priority list for any small or large business. For employees, corporate volunteer opportunities offer a higher level of engagement, beyond work and perhaps at times more meaningful that their daily routines.

According to Do Good Live Well Study (UnitedHealthcare & VolunteerMatch), 2010

  • 96% of Americans agree that volunteering makes people happier.

  • 92% of people who volunteer through their workplace report higher rates of physical and emotional health.

  • 88% of employee volunteers report volunteering provides networking/career development opportunities.


Employee Volunteer Programs

There are various programs that offer opportunities for organizations to engage employees meaningfully in activities they would like to participate.
VOLUNTEERmatch logoVolunteerMatch strengthens communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect. The organization offers a variety of online services to support a community of nonprofit, volunteer and business leaders committed to civic engagement.


sparkedSparked makes it easy for skilled professionals to help nonprofits get valuable work done, in a time frame that fits in with the demands of a full-time job. Sparked is labeled as the world’s first micro-volunteering network.


 Volunteer Program Awards

Also, beyond the experience is the reward. Apart from the satisfaction employees gain from being part of the volunteer programs at work, there are some high level awards which add to the personal satisfaction – of being part of an organization which cares and contributes to the community.

Some such awards in the US are:


The Spirit of America and Summit Awards are United Way’s highest national honor recognizing elite Global Corporate Leaders for outstanding employee and community engagement, volunteering and measurable impact in education, income and health.

United Way Worldwide, the country’s largest privately funded nonprofit, recognized 3M with the 2013 United Way Spirit of America® award for philanthropy, volunteer engagement and community impact. Comcast Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Bank of America, General Motors, the Mosaic Company and Wells Fargo received Summit awards.


VolunteerMatch Corporate Volunteer Awards highlight the ten most effective employee volunteer programs in VolunteerMatch family of corporate clients compared against their annual benchmarks.


Here’s an Infographic through a study by Deloitte on millennials connections between workplace volunteerism activities and employee engagement: