This International Women’s Day there are a lot of organizations organizing events and activities around the world, and since I am not one of those organizing any event, it is time to celebrate in my own quiet way.

I would like to honor this day by raising a toast to my mother, who has shown me the incredible power of YES.

Here’s a toast to you mom!!
And CHEERS for your support!

Since the world shrank and technology brought all humanity together, in-fact even before that, we’ve added a lot to our plates. It may not be more than we can chew because we have added on to our capacity to gorge more; it certainly has increased the stress and multitasking in our lives. In such times the gurus rave on the power of NO, to know when to say NO to what you can’t do to add on to what you MUST do. There’s no negating this policy for a saner life, but the power of YES has it’s own incredible attraction and lure.

All along after I completed school and stepped in the adult world, I’ve seen my mother as the person who said YES to the opportunities that came along and urged me to follow on the same path.

You want to go for an MBA, go ahead start studying now.
Where all can you apply for your post graduate studies, apply as many as you can.
You have three interviews to go to – go to all three, don’t form any preconceived notions before you give them a chance at least.

You have an offer for an offshore job, pretty unconventional but give it a try; you can always come back if you don’t like it.
Say YES now, you cannot try without this first step!

And that’s what I have done all through; the power of YES has opened up the world to me and offered some brilliant insight and amazing purpose to life. Success to me is not vertical but a lateral growth – not a step-by-step approach to goals or success affirmations but focus on exploration and learning. What more can I learn and explore, to dive deep and surface back, to explore new islands and navigate the oceans on ships and bare foot. The power of yes makes you an optimist, an explorer, and strong.

When you take a new step you do not know where it will take you, but what’s important is to take that step first.

“Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see further.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

So, learn by your experience for there is no other teacher who can teach you better and go by the power of YES, for women are naturally stronger and we know we can do it!

A close friend asked me to add here which I completely agree with: “Say YES, but KNOW how to balance it with the NOs. There is no hardcore strategy to anything and the choice of Yes/No needs to be made thoughtfully.” Thanks Snehal, I am nodding in approval!

Here’s to all strong mothers of the world – HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!

Would deeply appreciate if you want to share your toasts to the incredible women in your lives here. Please add to the comments! THANKS!