The world is a little different right now, and despite an initial period of working from home, some of us have returned to our offices recently. Only to be advised, yet again to consider working from home. With all these mixed messages, it’s difficult to lose sight of what’s best for you.

Some people fell in love with the idea of working from home for a few months, while others found it took a considerable toll on their mental health. The truth is that there are pros and cons to working from home (WFH). Let’s take a look at them below.

WFH Pro: It’s probably safer.

Working from home means that you’re comfortable and considerably safer than you would be in a traditional office environment. Thousands of workplace accidents occur every year and not just in traditionally dangerous industries, even office workers are at risk. 

Slips, trips and falls are common in offices which can mean serious injuries and time off work. Speak to this slip and fall accident lawyer based in the Fort Lauderdale area if you’ve had an accident that could have been avoided. Being at home means you’re less likely to find yourself tripping over boxes or cables in walkways or slipping on a wet kitchen floor because a fellow employee didn’t clean up their coffee spill. 

WFH Pro: No commute

One of the biggest turn-offs from traditional office working is the daily commute. Especially in bad weather and in the depth of winter. Commuting is incredibly stressful, especially if you’re caught in gridlock or your train is delayed. Struggling to find a seat, dealing with other commuters and a general sense of stress is hardly the best way to start a hectic day at the office. When you work from home all you have to do is head to the laptop and you’re there!

WFH Pro: The cost

It’s incredibly cheap to work from home. You don’t have to pay to get to work or pay for parking. You’ll save money on lunches and be less tempted to buy from vending machines and nearby coffee shops. So, if you’re on a budget it’s ideal!

WFH Con: Isolation

If you’re someone who generally thrives in an office environment or you live alone, you may find working from home incredibly isolating. No lunches with work friends, no quick catch-ups at the water cooler, or making weekend or evening plans with colleagues. Not having these kinds of daily interactions can be quite difficult for some people.

WFH Con: A difficult work/life balance

When you work in the same place you relax and live your life, it’s difficult to switch off. Which in turn makes relaxing incredibly difficult. It’s hard to enjoy an evening with your partner when you have a pile of paperwork and files looming in the corner. Working in an office environment gives you the ability to separate these different areas of your life, working from home makes it harder. Going to work separated our time and space when we were at work and when at home either enjoying family time or me time. With only home as the home office and the ‘me’ space it is tough for many in the world.

WFH Con: Distractions

The dog wants to go for a walk, the kids are fighting, and your mother-in-law keeps trying to call you. Distractions at home are everywhere, which can make working quite challenging. Finding the right balance will certainly help, but it’s a trial and error process!