Automated email marketing is one of a real estate agent’s best friendsIn particular, real estate drip campaigns can help generate interest and awareness, encourage engagement, and ultimately increase sales. For those who need a refresher or those who aren’t using them yet, drip campaigns deliver emails and text messages to leads at a fixed schedule. 

However, not all real estate agents who use drip campaigns are entirely successful at them. If you find yourself struggling to produce results with your own email drip campaigns, here are a few tips you might want to consider. 

Use the Right Recruiting Software 

With a real estate recruiting software, you can preload drip campaigns that are already optimized for conversions. You’ll also find built-in campaigns and templates, so you don’t have to think too much about how you’re going to craft content.  

What’s great about real estate recruiting software is that you can also use it for more than just drip campaigns. You can also use it to extract and manage data, improve CRM, and streamline recruitment processes. All in all, a recruiting software can make the life of a real estate agent or broker so much easier. 

Introduce Yourself 

Put yourself in the shoes of your recipients. Will you open an email from someone you don’t know, much less someone you’re not sure can be trusted? Most likely not, right? This simply means that you have to be credible right from the start, which is the “from” line of your email. 

Don’t use so-called “buzzwords” or other spam-sounding terms. Instead, use your name. If you’ve already established your reputation in your market, your full name will likely suffice. If not, try adding the name of your company to help with recognition and credibility. Make sure to personalize your emails, too. Don’t just start it with “Hi” or “Hello.” Use their names, just as you’ve used yours. 

Give the Subject Line Some Attention 

You’ve created eye-catching graphics and written witty one-liners for the content of your email, but have you thought about the subject line? Aside from the “from” line, this is another big factor that influences the open and read-through rates of your emails so you have to give it some attention as well. It’s what the recipients see first as the email drops into their inbox. Thus, you have to make it intriguing enough but not suspicious. 

It’s best to write the subject line with a friendly, conversational tone. You have to be professional and credible, obviously, but you also don’t want to be too formal and risk sounding stiff. Keep it short and snappy to make your recipients curious. Finally, don’t forget about proper structure. It’s fine to not end all your subject lines with a punctuation all the time; however, don’t be sloppy with grammar and spelling. 

Make It Mobile Ready 

Fact: more than half of emails nowadays are opened using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This simply means that your drip campaigns should be readable on smaller screens. If they aren’t, then you can expect your emails to be deleted without being read. 

What’s good is that most email marketing platforms and recruitment software have a feature that allows you to test your emails first before sending them. Make use of this feature to ensure that your emails look good and are legible on mobile. 

Know What Kinds of Emails to Send 

There are a lot of different emails you can send for your email drip campaigns. Some of them include welcome emails (which is all about introducing yourself), event invitations, listings emails, and open house promotions. Event invites are perfect for networking, while listings and open house emails are particularly important for increasing interest and closing sales. 

You can also send educational emails, which include real estate trends and information about buying. For those clients looking for bargains, you may want to send reduced price emails (which are also useful in creating a sense of urgency). Referral emails, on the other hand, are great for asking for positive reviews to solidify your credibility. 

That being said, you don’t have to send all kinds of emails all at once. Depending on your goals, you may only want to send two or three types at a time. You may also base the types of emails you send on the current climate of the market. Just remember that no one wants to be bombarded with messages. You don’t want to be that agent or broker with a reputation of making their clients’ inboxes an email dump. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your drip campaign content, too. Templates are extremely helpful, but a bit of experimentation can help you find that sweet spot for engagement. Finally, make sure to segment your recipients to further increase the possibility of opens and clicks. 

Hopefully, these tips can help you launch successful email drip campaigns. Good luck!