If you want to retain good talent in your company, managers need to be trained on some basic aspects of managing constituents from time-to-time. See some points here; if you are a manager do you have it what it takes to be a good boss?

You are the Leader, the Guide and a Mentor
Employees look up to you lead the group, to show the direction not only in technical aspects but personality wise as well. Be accessible to your employees questions and needs, be compassionate to their personal problems as well, of course keeping the company interests first but at times flexibility repays better in the long-run. Acting as a coach and a mentor to your constituents will instantly result in more confidence, respect and trust towards your leadership skills. And to be trusted you must first learn to trust your employees. If the employees feel valued and empowered in the organization, they are sure to be stay on longer and with a deeper sense of loyalty towards work and the company.

Show Appreciation
Showing appreciation at work must be part of integral policies of a company. And even if your company does not have specific policy doing so regularly take on the responsibility to show appreciation to your team on a regular basis. In general meetings or through group emails, acknowledge and appreciate a job well done. Bosses usually are good at telling others what is not going well take time to tell them what you are doing well. Boosting employee morale is directly proportional to increased productivity.
The bottom line is: reprimand in private and appreciate publicly.
Never berate your employee in front of others.

When Expectations fall short
All employees do not work at same performance levels there are quite a few that you would come across falling short of expectations. It is not just a reason to dish out a bad performance review but it is your responsibility to help them and try your best to encourage them to talk about their struggles. A compassionate one-on-one meeting will enable them to open up and discuss the reasons of poor performance, also helping in boosting the employee self-confidence. Do not wait until the employee performance review to do so.

Periodic and Meaningful Communication
Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with your employees where they feel more comfortable to discuss their workplace issues or share new ideas for future projects or personal development. Employees perform better when they feel they feel counted in the organization, especially the new Millennials in the workforce would perform better when given initiative to lead a task and being counted in an organization’s progress, but hey, don’t we all?

During the one-on-one meetings with your employees, try your best to derive SMART goals from your employees. Ensure they understand what your and company’s expectations are from them and also inform them of employee appreciation, recognition and compensation programs on a job well done.

THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE – The Essential Guide for the Leaders of the 21st Century

The few points above might be just an outline towards helping you be a good manager, but one of the most comprehensive and “the most trusted target on becoming a better leader” can be found in the book titled THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE, by Kouzes and Posner. If you wish to be a better manager or a boss you must first learn to be a better leader and this book is packed with words of wisdom, it offers an essential road map for the leaders of today and tomorrow – wherever they live and work.

On expectations and goals, Kouzes and Posner say, “Being clear about what’s expected of them, and what you’re trying to accomplish, is essential to helping people stay the course, especially when the going gets tough. Leaders should absolutely make sure they affrim the worth of everyone of their constituents; that goes without saying. But for recognition to be meaningful and for it to reward appropriate behaviors, you have to have an end in the mind. Goals help people keep their eyes on the vision. Goals and intentions keep them on track. They help people put the phone in do-not-disturb mode, shut out the noise, and schedule their time. Goal-setting affirms the person and whether you realize or not, contributes to what people think about themselves.”

Are you a good boss or a Bad Boss?
Answer these questions on the nfib.com article and judge for yourself.

What have you liked about your boss’s managing style? Or if you are a manager, how do you empower and encourage your employees?