Are you looking for a new job or just after the layoff the first worries are to get a permanent job as soon as possible?
Once you have gathered yourself and planned an optimized schedule which enables you to make the best use of the time now available to you, one of the first steps towards your job search process is to make a list of retargets and people who you can contact to expedite your search. The smarter and better you can network now the faster you will land a job. Now, who all could you contact to accelerate your job or career search process?

Your Personal Contact List
Prepare a list of at least 40-50 people you know – they could be your friends, neighbors, family or those you have established acquaintances at the gym, volunteering activities, at your kids school or at club meetings if you attend one or more.
Of these select those who could be willing to forward your resume or meet you to discuss a position of your choice and follow-up well thereafter.

Other than the contact list you have prepared above, you may also contact the following with a personalized request, either through an email first and a phone call later and yet again with an effective follow-up approach.

Scott Reeves in an article in Forbes says, “The smart candidate works with at least two top recruiters in his field. This won’t be a problem, because the best recruiters expect their clients to work with at least one other headhunter. Always be upfront with your recruiters and disclose who is conducting a search on your behalf. If nothing else, this will stoke the competitive fires and work to your advantage. Failure to do so will cast you as less than forthright and is likely to get your résumé kicked to the bottom of the stack.”

Megan Fleming in an article on Dice says, “Recruiters know about the best jobs in the industry and have their finger on the pulse of the job market. If you know what to expect from recruiters and know how to respond to them, you’ll lessen your frustration and improve your chances of success.” Read other tips in this article.

On how to select a Head Hunter or a professional recruiter and on recruiter relationships, here are some good tips:
Using Head Hunters
Recruiter Relationships: Job Search Essentials

Career Counselors or Career Coaches
Career coaches and counselors help, guide and assist you throughout the job search phase, interviewing and beyond. Career coaches offer a variety of services for example, resume update and critique, sprucing your marketing skills, they also offer effective tips and guidance on networking and most of all support and motivation all through your job search. Seeking professional help often results in expediting your job search or career change and very often results in better job offers than those you can expect through recruiters alone.

Of the various targets listed here that you could use one or multiple retargets to speed up getting that interview call.
Keep in mind that efficient networking is a must. A large percentage of jobs are in the unadvertised job market, make the most of it through smart networking.