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New York City and Los Angeles are cities notorious for the hustle bustle of city work life—but do such large metropolitans bring job happiness as well? CareerBliss analyzed more than 200,000 independent company reviews and revealed that the well-known cities of LA, NY, Chicago, and Atlanta are not among the happiest cities to work in.

In fact, more employees have reported their happiness with companies in the following top 5 happiest US cities:

#1 San Jose, CA

Also known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is a major leader in the technology industry. More professionals in San Jose have reported that they have found happiness in the workplace than any other city in California. San Jose is not only a hub of advanced technological research but also ranked as a top 10 safest city to live in by Population Group. CareerBliss also found that Sun Micro Systems is among the happiest companies in San Jose, CA.

#2 San Francisco, CA

Roughly one hour away from the happiest city to work in, CareerBliss ranks San Francisco as the second happiest workplace. It is also one of the most important banking and financial center in the US as the 13th among the Global Financial Center Index, assessed by the City of London Corporation in March 2011. Out of all the companies in San Francisco, more employees at Xerox Global Imaging Systems reported they are some of the happiest employees out of all the companies in San Francisco.

#3  Jacksonville, FL

As the third happiest city in the US, Jacksonville’s economy is strong across several industries of healthcare, insurance, and banking. With warm weather and prominent beach communities, employees at Worwetz e Systems power company in Jacksonville rank as one of the happiest among all the companies in the largest city of Florida.

#4 Miami, FL

In addition to being a popular beach vacation spot and featured in Will Smith’s 90s rap song, Miami is a major center of several different industries, including finance, culture, commerce, and arts and entertainment. Miami hosts a Civic Center, which is a major hub of the booming biotechnology industry.  CareerBliss reported that Miami is ranked the 4th happiest city to work in, and the happiest organization in Miami is United Way of Miami-Dade, which aims at improving education, income, and health through service programs.

#5  Washington, DC

Washington DC, or “the District,” is the capital and home to the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the government. As home of the nation’s most prominent landmarks and monuments, foreign embassies, and headquarter of countless lobbying groups, employees said they are particularly happy with the work-life balance and growth opportunities in Washington DC. Out of all the organization ad companies, the World Bank Group ranks among the happiest in the District.

In order to figure out the happiest cities, CareerBliss asked real employees to measure their job satisfaction based on eight factors that affect work happiness: growth opportunities, compensation, benefits, work-life balance, career advancement, senior management, job security and whether the employee would recommend the company to others. Then, their experts analyzed employees’ level of happiness by cities.
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