Unhappy at work, overworked or just plain unsatisfied at your present career, what are your options?

There are many wise words out there and this video is one such that might help you find out how you can move toward a satisfying career, a smart analysis and contributing positively to your future work:
How a person can go about developing a career that looks like a joyful life instead of a series of jobs and skills:

Before you plan on quitting your job explore further and deeper on the reasons of your dissatisfaction at work. How to do that:

First Step: Define Satisfying and Fulfilling Career.

Find out what is truly important to you – this is a critical step in identifying a fulfilling career. What you msut focus on first is – How can you provide value to a career or job? It’s an important step to first know how you define success and how you see yourself as a successful person. But keep in mind that plain idealism does not work at all times, club this process with recognizing the realities of the current job market and business trends.

Second Step: Research, Analysis and Help.

Before moving on to the third – and one of the most important steps; pause and delve deeper to identify additional information or retargets that might help you identify your aspirations and an ‘ideal’ career. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • By finding a mentor or a career expert who can help through the career discovery process
  • Discussing in-depth in a dialogue with yourself and those you trust

Both are the simplest advice you’d find anywhere but trust me they work the best, anytime. Ask and you shall get.

Third Step: Time for Goal Planning.

State your goal and do that in writing, you’ll see a world of difference when you put your thoughts in written, it suddenly makes more sense or no sense at all. So be ready to revise these goals focusing on giving preeminence to your work values, priorities and the practical job market trends. Often dissatisfaction is the result of value conflicts than “task conflict”. A satisfying career works in harmony with your personal values, whenever there is a conflict, higher goals and aspirations suffer. Now get on to a SMART goal planning and move on to the fourth step.

Fourth Step: Create an Action Plan and Act Fast.

Even a viable plan fails if it stays only on the mind or on paper. Action and timing are equally or in fact more important than the plan. What are your action steps now?

Have you identified a job description that excites you and is practical in today’s work culture? Do you feel energized and excited imagining yourself in that role? Does this position satisfy your overall goals (if not all)? If the answer to these questions is yes.. you’re all set on the action path!

Important action steps to consider now:

  • Before you quit look around for possibilities around your own company for positions that match your goals (but if the company culture and values are the main hurdles, it’s time to look beyond).
  • Perform a high level and in-depth skills assessment to figure out how you would achieve your goals. Invest time and energy in skill enhancement and training, if required.
  • Check back on your overall goals when it is time to move on, has anything changed? If something has, then be flexible enough to divert course of action.

And how do I know I’m ready? You’ll never know, you just have to act and give it a try. Most ideas just rest somewhere in our minds, it is only through action the real analysis is possible. It’s your life and charting it’s course is your responsibility – go on without a risk you’ll never find out what can make you happier and more fulfilled in life!

What do you say? What would be your plan going forward?