As traveling to certain parts of the world for vacations is becoming more common again, so is traveling for work purposes. Whether you’re a remote worker traveling for business, or you’re a part of a company that requires travel, there are a few things you’ll need to make your business trip as pleasant as possible. In the same way you wouldn’t want to forget vacation necessities, there are certain items you don’t want to forget when you go on your next business trip.

#1: Electronic Devices

Everyone’s job is different, and each business trip may look different from the next one, so it’s important to remember to pack everything you’re going to need for this particular trip. The essentials, such as a cell phone, tablet, and laptop are obviously going to be needed when traveling for business, but don’t forget to pack the chargers and correct adapters for these electronic devices. Also, don’t forget any supplementary items you may need for this specific trip, like office supplies, important documents, and any printed or digital handouts that may be necessary.

Many people rely on wi-fi connections when working from their phones or other devices, but wi-fi access may not always be available when you’re traveling. This is why it may be a good idea to upgrade your cell phone plan to include unlimited data, so you’ll be able to access the internet anywhere you are (as long as there’s a good connection), and you’ll be able to connect your other devices to your phone to access the internet.

#2: Portable Power Bank

We live in a highly digital world where a lot of the things we do depend on our electronic devices, and this is especially true when it comes to traveling. Our devices must be charged when the battery runs low, but we may not always be near an outlet when we need to charge. This is where having a portable power bank can be a life saver. These power banks can be large and have a high capacity, or they can be tiny enough to fit in your pocket. Use these to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, headphones, and speakers while you’re on your business trip.

#3: Travel Documents

International travel requires passports, but there may be additional documentation needed in certain cases, especially travel during COVID-19. In addition to all of this, you can’t forget your I.D. (including a driver’s license and possibly a work I.D.), credit cards, and all of your flight information for all destinations you’ll be traveling to. Also, be mindful of any currency exchanges you may have to make.

#4: Travel Pillow

Who says that you can’t be comfortable while you travel? Travel pillows are popular with both car commuters and those traveling by plane. These special pillows help to keep your neck supported when sitting for a long period of time (like long-distance driving), and they can even provide some comfort when sleeping during a long flight. You don’t want to be uncomfortable during a long flight or ride, which can end up leaving you feeling sore the first day of your business trip.

#5: Wireless Earbuds

When you’re on the go and constantly have phone meetings, holding a phone up to your ear can become tiring, not to mention too much of a hassle when you’re constantly moving. Having wireless earbuds that connect to your phone via Bluetooth makes it much easier to handle your phone calls quickly and efficiently. Most of these earbuds are compatible with Google, Alexa, and Siri so they will work with whatever smartphone brand you own.

It goes without saying to pack the proper business attire for your trip. It’s likely that you’ll be given an itinerary, so you’ll have an idea of what to wear when. It also doesn’t hurt to pack casual clothes for when you have some downtime.