Maintaining proper client communications along with proper project oversight is a must for a business’s day-to-day operations. A Work OS (work operating system) is a platform for all aspects of a project from inception to completion to going live. The primary purpose of a Work OS is tracking and monitoring various services and tasks of your business assigned to different departments or employees for optimal efficiency. They’re an excellent idea for a business looking to automate processes or manage various aspects of their business more carefully.

In a way, a Work Os is client management software made simple. By implementing a Work OS for your business, you don’t need to invest more in additional client management teams for communication as it automates such services for you. Here is how a Work OS can help you handle heavy client communications in an organized and easy manner.

Breakdown the Journey

A Work OS is a great way to help clients understand your operational process by giving them a detailed breakdown. It helps you and your client by giving them immediate updates on the current status of the project. For example, if you are creating content for a client and want them to know what phase of development the content is in or who is responsible for it at this point, a Work OS can answer those questions throughout the entire process of the project.

A Work OS is also helpful in assigning tasks and responsibilities when more than two parties are involved. These systems are customizable, with different versions available specifically for your industry.

Provide Constant Updates

If you’re wondering how a Work OS can simplify workplace communications, the answer is simple: by providing you and your clients with constant updates. This helps avoid excessive emails asking for updates on various aspects of a project. Instead of the constant back and forth, a Work OS allows the members assigned to the project to update the work status, notifying everyone in the loop.

A Work OS can be set up to require regular updates on specific tasks and alert the necessary parties when a task is due. This also applies to task changes and comments.

Automatic Notifications

Automatic notifications are a great way to save time in the workflow. Notifications can be customized to the smallest detail for each task, allowing you to manage a team working remotely or from different time zones in cohesion. You can set these notifications to be sent during certain times of the day or only related to certain aspects of the project.

There are also features in a Work OS for commenting or messaging clients, which is helpful to draw attention exactly where you want it. This feature can also be beneficial if the project member assigned has any questions or updates to share with clients.

Always Gather Feedback

Another important feature of a Work OS in streamlining communications with clients is feedback features which can be customized and altered as needed. These features allow you or your client to gather and leave feedback on tasks or statuses of the project, which lets you know what to do next.

Asking your client what they want from the Work OS and adapting the features and options to fit both parties’ needs is very important in any long or short-term project. Direct feedback from your project members and clients helps you do just that. You can also gather feedback directly on the Work OS regarding certain aspects of the project.

Make Things Simple

The best part of a Work OS is that you don’t have to invest in additional specialized software or personnel to implement one in your business. They can easily run on your pre-installed device operating systems, whether they’re desktops, laptops, or smart devices. This convenience allows a great deal of flexibility for both you and your clients.

Invest in a Work OS to better manage your business’s internal and external communications. It’s understandable if you want to hold off on unnecessary spending if your business is new, but understand that a Work OS that doubles as a client management software will save you money and energy in the long run.