universityLet’s face it; most of us tend to lead busy lifestyles. We spend much of our time at work and have little social time with our friends and family. So it’s no wonder that few of us opt for traditional ways of learning new skills.

There aren’t many people that can afford to give up one or two days of their week for embarking on a degree course. Plus, many of us aren’t privileged with a huge financial safety net. In fact, lots of us have no spare cash at all!

If you’ve already done a degree, you will no doubt know you had to devote a lot of time to learning. If you wanted to do an MBA, there’s no way you could spare the time to do so. At least, that’s what I used to think until the explosion of distance learning MBA courses!


With a family, full-time work, job location, etc. it is not always possible to plan on having that additional degree to further your career, but long distance learning now offers quality learning opportunities. Nowadays, educational institutions realise people need more flexible ways to learn. The days of giving up a few years of your life to learn something are over. 


If you want to further your education, why should you consider doing a distance learning MBA? Here are a few compelling reasons:


You’ll earn more money

First of all, let’s assume that you are happy with your current job. But, wouldn’t it be nicer if you had more financial freedom? Employers will only pay you a higher salary if you’ve got more proven skills and knowledge. Given the volatility of the job market, those with an MBA are more likely to command a higher salary.

Sure, you might have to spend a few years completing the course. But, once you’re done, you can earn more money and have different career prospects. You’ll then have the extra financial freedom you yearn for!


You’ll have your pick of the job market

With your current degree and skills, there is only a limited amount of jobs you can get. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could apply for more challenging roles? A distance learning MBA can help you to achieve that goal.

You’ll have better job prospects, and so competition for a role won’t be so much of an issue for you. If you’re an eligible bachelor, you could even find work overseas. Countries like Australia, for example, are crying out for skilled MBA holders.

Often when higher management considers promotions, an MBA degree does stand out as an accomplishment over others.


You’ll have better networking opportunities

When you hold an MBA, you will no doubt build up a broad professional network. Having those extra letters after your name means you can connect with senior professionals.

Let’s say you already had the skills they find attractive in prospective employees. They will take you more seriously if you show you’ve put the effort into furthering your education.


You’ll gain a broader insight into the business world

Last, but not least, you’ll learn more about the world of commerce. It might not interest you. But, there’s one reasons why it should: industry knowledge. You’ll learn more about what is trending in your industry.