marketing-advertisingThere are several people across the globe who struggle to achieve success in the field of marketing and advertising, but only a few of them are able to achieve what they have dreamt about. One of such successful marketing and advertising personalities is Jessica Sarkisian.

Here is an insight about the skills and traits which helped Jessica to achieve colossal success and evolve as a efficacious marketing and advertising personnel.


  1. Quest for Learning

Like any other professional field, the dynamics of marketing and the market trends keep on changing regularly. Thus, it is quite vital to keep on expanding your skills horizon and learning new marketing tactics in order to deliver their best in the marketing campaigns. Especially, now as the online marketing mediums are becoming highly popular, a good marketer is always required to learn new marketing skills.


  1. Practical Testing of Every Concept

Successful marketers do not assume the market scenarios and leverage the data collected from different reliable targets to find out the best solutions. They keep on testing the new campaigns and advertisements to ensure that they will be able to yield required results within the pre-set time frame.


  1. Customer Data for Decision Making

With tremendous online data targets becoming available, the marketers are required to develop insights about the customer behavior by leveraging the wealth of data available from the social networks and other online targets in order to make their marketing campaigns more effective, and their decision making more logical & customer centered.


  1. Deliver Identifiable Results

Today, marketing has evolved into a results-centric field where if a marketer is not able to deliver the measurable results in time, the brand may lose its appeal and recognition. In today’s cutting-edge competitive scenario, delivering results has become one of the most imperative requisite for marketers.


  1. Creative Writing

Several marketers underestimate the power of content and creative writing. However, despite the availability of a plethora of online channels for interacting with the people, copywriting is one trait that is the foundation of every type of marketing campaign. It’s important for an entrepreneur or a marketer to step up on their creative writing skills. It often pays to have a team around you that can help you in content marketing strategies and execution.


  1. Time Management

Successful marketers and advertisers use schedules for planning their projects to ensure that all the important tasks are finished with the stipulated deadlines. The marketing world is completely deadline driven, and thus, time management skills can greatly help a professional marketer to achieve success.

Use free online time management tools or apps, they can make life much easier when juggling a lot of tasks and on a tight deadline.


  1. Technology Savviness

The capability to use the latest technology offerings such as marketing applications, data collection tools, data analysis apps and information segregation technologies can be a great help in planning the marketing campaigns considering the preferences, likings and disliking of the target audience. Therefore, professionals who want to become successful marketers must develop the skills required to take benefits from the advanced technological tools available today.

As mentioned before also, mobile apps and other mobility tools have enabled working and collaboration from anywhere on the go. Attend seminars, workshops or conferences related to new technology and mobile development that helps you hone your marketing and advertising skills. Some online courses in marketing and advertising can be the best self-help tools to accelerate learning and expertise.


  1. Become Storytellers

A significant way of creating an outstanding customer experience and engaging your prospects is the capability of telling good stories. Though, it’s harder to get the attention of the customers, but it is even more difficult to retain their attention even for smaller time frames. An interesting story can engage your customer and ensure that they get engrossed in it.

The best ways to influence and persuade are through stories that the user or customer can relate to. The easiest way is to keep writing and slowly polishing these skills. It is undoubtedly one of the best personality traits that a marketer should possess.