Freelance-workMany people can be fearful of becoming a freelance worker. And there is a lot that can go wrong. But there are also lots of benefits and opportunities that will come your way. Here are the key things that you should know before you become a freelance in your career.


Controlling Distractions 


Working in an office can mean that there are lots of distractions and things going on around you. This is something that you should take advantage of when you are a freelance. You can shut away the world and focus on your work because there will be no one else around to distract you. You might even find that you get a lot more done than you expect or than you did when you worked in an ordinary office.

Technology brings to us many new apps that help us stay focused and yet again, it is also could be a big distraction. Know when you have to give up on looking at incoming emails or text messages. Being focused can help complete a task sooner and get you the free time that you can truly enjoy.


Managing Freedom


When you are in control of your own work life and schedule, you can do things that you couldn’t do before. This is the great thing about going freelance. You don’t have to have other people telling you want to do or how to spend your time. This freedom is one of the major advantages of working for yourself. So, you should be aware of this and make plans for what you will do with this new freedom.

One of the ways to get the most of your freelance life is to go ahead and get yourself a mentor. Someone who has been freelancing for quite some time and successfully. Learning from their experiences will benefit you in the short and long term. Never hesitate to ask and carve your path on good advice.


Knowing When to Stop is Key


You can’t keep working all the time. And when your workplace is also your home, it can be difficult to know when to stop. You should have an office in your home that is dedicated to your work. And try not to bring your work out of this room. It can then be the same as going to the office as you would in an ordinary job. Having that divide between your family and social life and your work life is very important when you work from home.

tipTip: There are some cool time management courses and even books from various authors who can give you the best advice. When you have a few minutes or hours in a day spend time reading. There’s a lot to be learnt and there’s some awesome tips out there. You may not find the one that fits your needs the best, but make the best out of the many you read.


Dealing with Admin and Communications


One of the frustrating things about being a freelance worker is that you have to take care of everything yourself. You will have to stay on top of your accounts and finances. And you will also have to know how to deal with all the relevant administrative tasks as well. This is something that can be very difficult and time-consuming. You can help with things like paid press release distribution if you run a one-person business from home and need some support.

tipTip: At times delegating is the best way to give you enough time to do the rest. It might be an investment to hand over some work that you can do but think about the time you are getting when you free yourself from the admin tasks that you might not enjoy doing in the first place. At times money spent is money earned. Virtual assistants, IT outsourcing or hiring a copywriter to help you speed up on completing that assignment might need some investment but they can yield far larger returns. Pause and think about it.


Customers Rule


It’s important to remember that you will get more from your freelance career if you put in more effort. So, if you put more time into finding clients and keeping hold of them, this will pay off eventually. Many people worry that they will have trouble finding clients when they start out. But this doesn’t need to be a concern as long as you work hard and market yourself properly. Things won’t fall into your lap, so you’ll need to put in the time and effort.

tipTip: Freelancing is not an easy marketplace these days. There are many around who have equivalent talents and expertise in doing what you do. Giving your clients that little extra will build up a strong reputation. Happy customers can bring you more business that just your advertising alone. Never underestimate the power of a goo recommendation. One strong positive review from a customer can bring you stronger and positive returns than any other form of advertising that you might plan on spending on. Just go that extra mile!